May 26, 2024

Jerky Pet Treat Manufacturers Set up $6.5 Million Fund

According to NBC News, two of the largest pet jerky treat manufacturers have created a $6.5 million fund to compensate dog owners whose animals were killed or made sick by their products. Nestle Purina PetCAre Co. and Wsggin' Train LLC have reached an agreement with pet owners in a class action lawsuit announced May 30, 2014. The 158-page agreement is subject to approval by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. The companies do not accept blame in the settlement. A statement released by lawyers states, "Neither Waggin' Train, Nestle Purina nor any of the consumers concede that their claims or their defenses were not valid. All parties entered into the agreement only to bring the litigation to a prompt and certain resolution." The FDA has stated that jerky pet … [Read more...]

Petco to End Sales of Pet Treats from China

Petco will no longer carry dog and cat treats made in China after the end of this year, the company announced yesterday. The decision, which was prompted by continuing reports of illness associated with the products, makes Petco the first national pet specialty retailer to end sales of the problem treats. Since 2007, at least 5,600 dogs illnesses and 1,ooo dog deaths have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as of the last report issued on May 1, 2014. The chicken, duck, or sweet potato jerky treats have also sickened 24 cats, and three people. “We know some pet parents are wary of dog and cat treats made in China, especially Chicken Jerky products, and we’ve heard their concerns,” said Jim Myers, Petco … [Read more...]

Food & Water Watch Responds to FDA Pet Jerky Investigation

Food & Water Watch has responded to the latest information released by the FDA about their investigation into the pet deaths and illnesses linked to jerky treats imported from China. Wenonah Hauter, executive director of the agency said in a statement, "this ongoing health threat to American pets illustrates how trade policy is trumping regulations to protect our health. When is the Obama administration going to show some backbone and stop the importation of these deadly products until we have some concrete answers?" At least 4,800 pets have been sickened by these imported products. At least 1,000 dogs have died as a result of their illness. The FDA does n0t have any answers, despite a lengthy investigation. The jerky treats are made from chicken, duck, or sweet potato. Some … [Read more...]

FDA Updates Jerky Pet Treat Investigation

The Food and Drug Administration has updated its investigation into pet illnesses and deaths in animals that ate jerky pet treats. FDA is collaborating with the CDC on a new case control study. The government has not been able to identify a specific cause for the reported illnesses and deaths. Since the last update on October 22, 2013, there have been 1,800 more reports of illness and death. As of May 1, 2014, they agencies have received more than 4,800 complaints of illness in pets that ate chicken, duck, or sweet potato jerky treats, nearly all imported from China. Those reports include more than 5,600 dogs, 24 cats, and three people. More than 1,000 dogs have died. The symptoms break down as: 60% gastrointestinal/liver disease, 30% kidney or urinary disease, and the remaining 10% … [Read more...]

Food & Water Watch Delivers Petition on China Pet Treats

Food & Water Watch has delivered a petition on behalf of "animal parents" to the FDA against pet treats and food made in China. They want the agency to implement Section 211 of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) that would inform consumers about the dangers of these treats. Under that rule, grocery stores will have to post notices in conspicuous places telling consumers about contaminated food products, including pet food. Terry Safranek, a founding member of APAPTFMIC (Animal Parents Against Pet Treats & Food Made in China), said in a statement, "I lost my beloved dog Sampson in January 2012 to poisonous pet jerky treats made in China. Since 2007, FDA has reported that 600 dogs have died and over 4,600 have gotten sick and the common denominator is that all of these pets … [Read more...]

Why are Jerky Treats Making Pets Sick?

The Food and Drug Administration has just published a report on jerky treats that are making pets sick. The government would like to hear from you if your dog or cat became ill after eating those products. Many alerts have been issued about these products. Since 2007, more than 3,600 dogs and 10 cats have become ill after eating these treats, and almost 600 have died. The FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine has conducted more than 1,200 tests on the problem products, visited the manufacturers in China (and were refused permission to test the Chinese products in non-Chinese labs), and collaborated with colleagues around the world to study this issue, but have been unable to find the exact cause of the illnesses and deaths. The products were tested for chemical contaminants, … [Read more...]

At Least 21 Sickened with Salmonella in NH Associated with Pet Jerky Treats

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is announcing that at least 21 people in Merrimack and Hillsborough Counties have been sickened with Salmonella associated with Joey's Jerky brand Chicken Jerky, a pet food treat. DHHS said that the jerky treats were "implicated in spreading Salmonella", and they have been recalled. Confirmation through lab testing of the jerky is pending at New Hampshire Public Health Labs. That product is made in New Hampshire by Kritter's Kitchen Kreations, which has voluntarily recalled all of the product. Joey's Jerky was sold at America’s Pet in Hudson, Blue Seal in Bow, K9 Kaos in Dover, Osborne’s Agway in Concord, Sandy’s Pet Food Center in Concord, and The Yellow Dogs Barn in Barrington. If you have any of these treats at home, … [Read more...]

Target, Petco, Sam’s Club, Costco Recall Dog Treats For Salmonella

Target, Petco, Sam’s Club and Costco are all recalling dog treats made by Kasel Associates Industries Inc. of Denver for possible Salmonella contamination. Some dogs have become ill after eating these treats. This is the third time in 10 months that a problem has been detected at Kasel. In December, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a consumer warning after company refused to issue a recall for dog treats tainted with Salmonella. The current recall covers all products manufactured by Kasel between April 20, 2012 and September 19, 2012. These products were sold under a variety of brand names including Boots & Barkley, BIXBI, Colorado Naturals, K9, Nature’s Deli, Petco, and TDBBS/Best Bully Sticks. Some of these products have shelf lives of up to two years so … [Read more...]

Publix and Wegmans Dog Food Treat Recalls

Publix and Wegmans stores are recalling more dog treats for trace amounts of antibiotic residue. This antibiotic, which is in use in China and the EU, is illegal in the United States. The treats were made with ingredients imported from China. Wegmans is recalling IMS Pet Industries' Cadet Gourmet Chicken Sausage in 8 ounce size. The UPC number is 7-68303-07461. For more information, contact IMS Pet Industries at 1-800-394-4467. Publix is recalling their private label Publix Chicken Tenders Dog Chew Treats. The product is packaged in a 3.5 ounce bag. The UPC number is 41415-18527. It was sold in Publix grocery stores in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee. For questions, call Customer Relations at 1-800-242-1227 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 … [Read more...]

Food & Water Watch Statement on Pet Jerky Treats Recall

Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food & Water Watch, has released a statement regarding the recalls of pet food from China. She states that these voluntary recalls are not enough to protect the nation's pets. Two recalls were announced from Nestle Purina Petcare Company and Delmonte. The chicken jerky treats contain residues of an illegal antibiotic. Ms. Hauter states that the Food & Drug Administration "must take action to prevent further pet illnesses and to inform consumers of the safety issues related to these products." Since 2007, there have been 2,000 consumer complaints about this product. Hundreds of dogs have died after consuming chicken jerky treats. The government has advised consumers to avoid those products made with imported Chinese ingredients. In fact, … [Read more...]

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