June 19, 2024

Arizona Confirms 5th Patient in Listeria Caramel Apple Outbreak

Arizona Listeria lawyer for caramel apple outbreakArizona marked its fifth case of Listeria from contaminated caramel apples in January, making it a leading state in a deadly outbreak that also has harmed a number of babies and expecting mothers. Now with five case patients, the Grand Canyon State  has as many confirmed illnesses in the outbreak as Missouri and just one less than New Mexico, which leads all states with six listeriosis victims who fell sick after eating commercially produced, pre-packaged caramel apples.

With two other new cases recorded in early January, the collective toll now stands at 35 Listeria infections in 12 states attributed to contaminated caramel apples. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas and California also have multiple residents who were infected.

According to a revised outbreak summary published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the outbreak appears to be over. But Listeria caramel apple litigation on behalf of the victims is just beginning. People harmed in California and New Mexico already are in court, including a caramel apple lawsuit filed in federal jurisdiction on behalf of a mother who was hospitalized with listeriosis that caused the premature birth of her son. The Listeria baby survived after four weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit at a hospital in Albuquerque. Her lawyer, Fred Pritzker, is continuing to accept additional cases to win compensation for victims.

The CDC said on February 12 that seven of the outbreak patients have died, including three instances where listeriosis was a clear contributing factor. Eleven cases belong to expectant mothers or their babies and CDC recorded one fetal loss. Children are especially vulnerable to Listeria infections and the caramel apple outbreak has caused three known invasive illnesses (listeria meningitis) among otherwise healthy children aged 5–15 years.

Pritzker said the detailed outbreak investigation by state and federal health officials will allow victims to hold the responsible companies accountable for their illnesses and losses. A good Listeria lawsuit in Arizona or elsewhere will pursue a comprehensive claim that includes future monetary considerations based on research that shows the potential for long-lasting injuries and associated wage losses and other costs from a case of Listeria food poisoning.

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