July 12, 2024

Bibi Frutix Candy Recalled from Food Banks for Dangerous Chemicals; Two Sick

The FDA has issued a safety alert about Bibi Frutix candy because it contains a chemical substance that has sickened at least two people. The candy was distributed by some food banks. Harvesters – The Community Food Network was warned about this issue.

According to a notice posted on the Wamego, Kansas Police Department Facebook page, two people had “adverse reactions” after eating the candy. There is no word about exactly what chemical may be in the product.

The candy product is in the shape of a small baby bottle and labeled “Bibi Frutix.” You can see a picture of the product at the Wamego Police Department Facebook page. That page states that the candy contained a powdery substance that is “normally sugar. Several people who sampled contents reported that the powder had a chemical taste.”

The FDA’s warning states, “The candy product is likely contaminated with a chemical substance and is potentially harmful if eaten.” This product was donated to Harvesters. Harvesters thinks that there were six cases or fewer of the candy product given to them.

The Harvesters’ agencies that could have received the product are in these 19 counties of the food bank’s service area. In Kansas, those counties are:¬†Johnson, Wyandotte, Miami, Franklin, Douglas, Jefferson, Shawnee, Nemaha, Pottawatomie, and Wabaunsee. In Missouri, those counties are:¬†Jackson, Platte, Clay, Ray, Lafayette, Johnson and Bates. Harvesters is cooperating with local and state authorities to try to determine if any other facilities received this recalled candy.

Officials think this may be an isolated incident, but are not sure. Harvesters is alerting the public out of a concern for public safety.

The FDA says that if anyone has these candies, they should not eat it and should dispose of it immediately. If you have eaten this candy and have been experiencing adverse reactions, contact your doctor as soon as possible. And you can file a complaint with the FDA consumer complaint coordinator for Kansas and Missouri at 1-800-202-9780.

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