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Ten Sick with Salmonella Food Poisoning Linked to Burrito Delight Catered Events at Aims Community College in Colorado

Weld County Public Health officials held a press conference on February 22, 2018, informing the public about a Salmonella outbreak that is tied to Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado. At least 10 people are sick in that outbreak, after attending two events catered by Burrito Delight. That is an increase of two patients since the outbreak was announced February 22, 2018. Officials have not updated their initial press release since yesterday.

Salmonella Burrito Delight

Food for those events was provided by Burrito Delight, at one of the restaurant’s locations, and at an outside event on February 9 and February 13, 2018. Seven of the patients live in Weld County, two live in Larimer, and one lives in Boulder County.

The events were apparently for employee training, not for students. Officials think that two of the cases may be linked to different functions catered by Burrito Delight. That restaurant has two locations: one at 1230 Denver Avenue in Fort Lupton, and another at 819 Carbondale Drive in Dacono.

Unfortunately, two of the cases are children; one of them has been hospitalized. Officials think that more cases will be confirmed in the next few days.

Inspections of Burrito Delight revealed violations and issues in the past few years. During the press conference, an officials said that the Fort Lupton location had “numerous violations,” when it was inspected yesterday. Both restaurants have been closed and will not reopen until they are cleared by the health department.

Inspections of the Fort Lupton location were rated “fair” four times since 2015. One inspection, in September 2017, rated “marginal.” In the marginal inspection, inspectors found potentially hazardous food was held at unsafe temperatures. Foods were not cooled rapidly; refried beans, for instance, were held at 52°F, which is in the danger zone of 40°F to 140°F when bacteria can grow rapidly. In addition, several flies were found in the kitchen at the time of inspection. And no hand soap was found at the hand sink. These problems were corrected.

The “fair” inspection on February 22, 2017 found raw shell eggs stored over produce, found potentially hazardous foods held at too high of a temperature, and a dead mouse on a sticky trap behind the reach-in cooler. Those issues were corrected, but the restaurant was closed that day.

Inspections of the Burrito Delight II at the Dacono location revealed two “marginal” results and two “fair” inspections since 2016. In the marginal inspection in July 2016, employees were handling food with their bare hands. Refried beans were stored at 47°F, and tamales were stored at room temperature on the food preparation table. No measurable sanitizer was in the compartment sink. During the marginal inspection on February 22, 2018, two pans of tamales were held at 47-75°F overnight. Cooked beef was re-heating in the oven at 125°F. And horchata made wth milk at 44°F. These problems were corrected. That restaurant was also closed on February 22, 2018.

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If you have been experiencing the symptoms of Salmonella food poisoning after eating at events catered by Burrito Delight, contact your doctor. Those symptoms include loss of appetite, fever, nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea that may be bloody.

Some people especially young children and anyone with a chronic health condition, can become so ill with this type of infection that they need to be hospitalized. And long term complications of a Salmonella infection can be serious, including Reiter’s Syndrome and endocarditis.

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