December 10, 2023

Number Nine Outbreak of 2020: Unknown E. coli Outbreak 3

The number nine outbreak of 2020 is the Unknown E. coli Outbreak 3, which is not linked to any food source or facility. Eighteen people in nine states are sick in this Unknown E. coli outbreak 3, which ended December 18, 2020. Six people were hospitalized because they are so sick.

Number Nine Outbreak of 2020: Unknown E. coli Outbreak 3

The patient case count by state is: California (3), Colorado (2), Illinois (4), Michigan (3), New York (1), Ohio (1), Pennsylvania (2), Virginia (1), and Washington (1). Illness onset dates ranged from September 2, 2020 to November 6, 2020. The patient age range was from 8 to 71 years.

Laboratory testing found the outbreak strain of E. coli O157:H7 in a sample of Tanimura & Antle romaine lettuce in a single head package, but investigators were not able to determine if people got sick from eating that contaminated romaine lettuce. That lettuce was recalled on November 6, 2020. The CDC worked with state officials and the FDA to collect more information about the illnesses, but they could not identify the source of the outbreak.

State and local public health officials interviewed ill persons to try to discover what they ate and other exposures before they got sick. Of the 13 people interviewed, all said they ate or maybe ate different types of leafy greens, including romaine lettuce (9), spinach (9), and iceberg lettuce (7).

But no one patient specifically said they ate Tanimura & Antle romaine lettuce. And some patients got sick before the “packed on” date for those recalled products.

FDA conducted traceback investigations and inspected several farms. But, none of those findings identified a common source in the distribution chain or linked the farms to the outbreak.

Symtpoms of an E. coli O157:H7 infection include nausea, vomiting, a mild fever, severe and painful abdominal cramps, and diarrhea that is usually watery and bloody. If you have experienced these symptoms, see your doctor.

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