May 24, 2024

Famous Anthony’s Hepatitis Outbreak in Virginia Sickens 37

The Famous Anthony’s hepatitis outbreak in Virginia has sickened 37 people as of the close of business on October 13, 2021, Christie Wills, Communications Officer of the Roanoke City & Alleghany Health Districts told Food Poisoning Bulletin. All of those cases are confirmed, and all are primary cases, meaning that they were sickened from the original infected person. Secondary cases would be people who got sick from someone who allegedly ate at the restaurant.

Famous Anthony's Hepatitis Outbreak in Virginia Sickens 37

Twenty-six people have been hospitalized, for a hospitalization rate of 70%, which is higher than typical for a hepatitis A outbreak. The patient age range is from 31 to 79 years, with an average age of 59 years. Fifty-four percent of the hospitalizations were male.

The infectious employee worked at three Famous Anthony restaurants in Roanoke from August 10 to August 26, 2021. They are located at 4913 Grandin Road, 6499 Williamson Road, and 2221 Crystal Spring Avenue.

If anyone who lives in the area wants to get a vaccine or wants more information about this outbreak, they can contact the heath department to learn more. Or you can contact your physician.

Officials think that this outbreak will continue to grow, since the incubation period for the virus can be as long as 50 days. The 50 day mark from the last day the infectious person worked at Famous Anthony’s is tomorrow, October 15, 2020. Since it can take days or weeks before an ill person visits their doctor, gets tested, gets the test results back, and the information is reported to health officials, this outbreak could continue to grow for a few more weeks.

Hepatitis A is a virus that is very contagious and causes liver inflammation. It spreads through person-to-person contact, through contact with contaminated surfaces, and through contaminated food and drink. And since a person is infectious before they start experiencing symptoms or feeling sick, the virus can spread undetected.

Symptoms of a hepatitis A infection include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, dark urine, light stools, and jaundice, which is yellowing of the eyes and skin. Symptoms can begin anytime between 15 and 50 days after exposure.

And since the hepatitis A vaccine is only effective when given within two weeks of exposure, by the time this outbreak was announced it was too late for anyone who was potentially exposed. The best way to prevent these outbreaks is to get vaccinated.

In addition, people should stay home from work or school if they are sick. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom, before preparing food for others, and after taking care of someone who is sick.

If you have been experiencing these symptoms after eating at one of the three restaurants at the locations mentioned, see your doctor. You may be part of this Famous Anthony’s hepatitis outbreak.

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