July 2, 2022

After Food Poisoning Sickens 30, Firefly in Las Vegas is Closed

The Firefely on Paradise, a popular tapas restaurant in Las Vegas, has been closed by the Southern Nevada Health District after dozens of patrons contracted Salmonella food poisoning. More than three dozen┬ápeople reported becoming ill with diarrhea and vomiting after they had eaten at the restaurant. Some of them sought treatment at a hospital. Health officials listed 10 violations for a total 44 demerits on an April 26 inspection. They included: hand washing violations by food handlers and inadequate hand washing facilities; pest control problems, food not held to proper temperatures, lack of food thermometers, food that was not protected from contamination and food that was spoiled, contaminated or adulterated. ┬áThe inspection form used by the Southern Nevada Health District can be … [Read more...]

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