July 14, 2024

After Food Poisoning Sickens 30, Firefly in Las Vegas is Closed

The Firefely on Paradise, a popular tapas restaurant in Las Vegas, has been closed by the Southern Nevada Health District after dozens of patrons contracted Salmonella food poisoning. More than three dozen people reported becoming ill with diarrhea and vomiting after they had eaten at the restaurant. Some of them sought treatment at a hospital.

TrichinellosisHealth officials listed 10 violations for a total 44 demerits on an April 26 inspection. They included: hand washing violations by food handlers and inadequate hand washing facilities; pest control problems, food not held to proper temperatures, lack of food thermometers, food that was not protected from contamination and food that was spoiled, contaminated or adulterated.  The inspection form used by the Southern Nevada Health District can be viewed by clicking here.

Firefly on Paradise received an A rating on its last two routine inspections, but this is the second time in two years that the restaurant has been closed for food safety violations. Of the 18 inspections dating back to 2004 on the health department’s website, the restaurant received, 10 A ratings, three B ratings, three C ratings and two closures.

Some patrons who became ill tested positive for Salmonella, according to local news reports. Salmonella can cause serious, sometimes life threatening illness. Symptoms, which include vomiting and diarrhea, can cause dehydration which can require hospitalization. Infections that move from the digestive tract to the bloodstream can be fatal without medical treatment.

The restaurant will be able to reopen after the violations are addressed. The health department is investigating the outbreak.


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