May 26, 2024

Osage Lane Creamery Raw Feta Cheese Warned over Listeria

The FDA sent a warning letter to Osage Lane Creamery in Pataskala, Ohio stating that they found Listeria monocytogenes in the facility. That creamery makes and sells raw goat milk Feta cheese, which is not pasteurized to destroy pathogens such as Listeria. Swabs taken from various areas in the processing area revealed the presence of the pathogenic bacteria. Listeria contamination in soft cheeses, particularly raw milk cheeses, can be a persistent problem. This bacteria can be very harmful, especially to those in high risk groups such as children, the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, and pregnant women. The discovery of the bacteria means that the food products are considered adulterated. The firm has "significant deviations" from the Current Good Manufacturing … [Read more...]

FDA Announces Raw Milk Cheese Data Call

The FDA announced late last week that it is requesting public comments to assist the agency in evaluating measures that may minimize the risk of harmful bacteria in raw milk cheeses. Raw milk cheese is made from unpasteurized milk. The government, in conjunction with Health Canada, is also  releasing a technical Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) report to evaluate the effects of factors in cheesemaking on the overall risk of listeriosis to the consumer. It includes estimates of the number of servings of raw milk cheese that result in one cases of invasive listeriosis, as well as the prevalence of contaminated servings, and the increased risk of invasive listeriosis per serving of raw milk cheese. The FDA released a statement about this call: "The FDA recognizes that there is broad … [Read more...]

Throw Out Butterfield Farm Cheese, Warns CT Ag Dept

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture warning consumers, stores and restaurants to throw out cheese purchased from The Butterfield Farm Co. in Cornwall after October 14, 2014.  The cheese may not have been pasteurized and could contain harmful bacteria. No illnesses have been reported, but unpasteurized cheese can cause serious illness. Sales of cheeses in inventory at the Cornwall company, which is licensed to make cheese form pasteurized milk, were embargoed on January 22. During an inspection, health officials discovered hat the company had no records of pasteurizing seven deliveries of raw milk made to its Hautboy Hill Road farm between Oct. 14 and Nov. 2. The cheese in question were sold at farmers’ markets and in about 20 stores and restaurants in Connecticut,  and at … [Read more...]

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