June 21, 2024

Les Freres Cheese Listeria Inspection Involves Two Agencies

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture has joined the Food and Drug Adminstration in an inspection of  Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Company in Waterloo, Wisconsin. The dual-agency review of Crave Brothers' facilities is part of a "fast-breaking investigation'' of a multi-state outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes that has resulted in one miscarriage and the death of an older adult from Minnesota. The linkage between the health threat and Crave Brothers soft cheese was drawn to a point by preliminary pathogen testing of cheese samples taken from separate retail locations by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Crave Brothers Les Frères cheese and Petit Frère with Truffles were the two cheeses where Listeria was found. Listeriosis, a life-threatening foodborne disease, is especially … [Read more...]

FDA Updates Whole Foods Crave Brothers Cheese Listeria Recall

The FDA has updated the Whole Foods recall of Crave Brothers cheese for possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination with the states where the cheese was sold, as well as names, picture of the product label, and PLU numbers. The Crave Brothers cheese brand is linked to a multi state Listeria outbreak that has sickened at least five people, killed one person in Minnesota, and caused a miscarriage. The cheese was cut and packaged in Whole Food stores, wrapped in clear plastic wrap, and sold with Whole Foods Market scale labels. If you purchased this cheese, discard it and bring in the receipt for a refund. You should also clean your refrigerator and kitchen with a mild bleach solution because cross-contamination with Listeria bacteria is a real possibility. The bacteria can grow at … [Read more...]

Whole Foods Recalls Crave Brothers Cheese for Listeria

Whole Foods Market is recalling Crave Brothers soft cheeses because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, a bacteria that can cause serious illness. The product is linked to a multi state Listeria outbreak that has sickened five, killed one person, and caused a miscarriage. The repackaged cheese was cut at the store and wrapped in clear plastic wrap. It has the Whole Foods Market scale labels instead of the Crave Brothers label. This recall is in addition to the recall of the cheese sold under the Crave Brothers label. The cheese packaged with the Whole Foods label was sold in 30 states and Washington, D.C. under several names, including "Les Freres" and "Crave Brothers Les Freres". The Crave Brothers cheeses that are recalled are Les Frères, Petit Frère, and Petit Frère … [Read more...]

Whole Foods Market, Cheese Recall Issued after Listeria Outbreak Hits Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio

Cheese sold at Whole Foods Market has been recalled after an outbreak of Listeria food poisoning (listeriosis) sickened at least 5 people in 4 states: Minnesota (2), Illinois (1), Indiana (1) and Ohio (1). One of the Minnesota Listeria victims died. The recalled cheese, manufactured by Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Company, includes Les Freres (LF225 2/2.5#), Petit Frère (PF88 8/8 oz) and Petit Frère with Truffles (PF88T 8/8 oz), all with a make date of 7-1-13 or earlier. The recalled cheese was sold at Whole Foods Market and Kroger stores nationwide, and at other retail stores and restaurants, according to the Crave Brothers website. The FDA has not released information as to the store or restaurant connected to the outbreak. "Because the incubation period for Listeria can be as long … [Read more...]

Forever Cheese Listeria Outbreak Grows to 20, Lawsuit Filed against Whole Foods Market

The Listeria outbreak linked to Forever Cheese, Inc. Frescolina ricotta salata has grown to 20 CDC-confirmed illnesses. 4 adults and an unborn baby died.  The number of confirmed cases in each state is as follows: California (3), Colorado (1), District of Columbia (1), Maryland (3), Minnesota (1), Nebraska (1), New Jersey (3), New Mexico (1), New York (1), Ohio (1), Pennsylvania (2), Virginia (1), and Washington (1). The contaminated ricotta salata was distributed to retailers and restaurants. One of the retailers was Whole Foods Market, which cut and repackaged the cheese with a Whole Foods label. A lawsuit filed against Whole Foods Market and Forever Cheese on behalf of a listeriosis victim claims this repackaging by Whole Foods caused other cheeses to become contaminated with the … [Read more...]

Listeria Lawsuit: Outbreak Linked to Forever Cheese Frescolina Ricotta Salata Grows

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have updated their investigation into the outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes linked to imported Frescolina Marte brand ricotta salata cheese. Now 20 people in 13 states have been sickened in this outbreak. Nineteen people have been hospitalized, and four have died. One fetal loss was also reported. The case count is distributed in these states: California (3), Colorado (1), District of Columbia (1), Maryland (3), Minnesota (1), Nebraska (1), New Jersey (3), New Mexico (1), New York (1), Ohio (1), Pennsylvania (2), Virginia (1), and Washington (1). Clinical specimens were collected from March 28, 2012 to September 19, 2012. Nine of the illnesses were related to a pregnancy; three of the illnesses were diagnosed in newborns. the other 11 … [Read more...]

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