April 28, 2017

Salmonella Outbreak at Duffy’s Bar and Grill in Osseo, MN

Doug Schultz, Information Officer at the Minnesota Department of Health told Food Poisoning Bulletin that there is a Salmonella outbreak investigation involving Duffy’s Bar and Grill in Osseo, Minnesota. Five people have been sickened in this outbreak.


The patient age range is from 28 to 80 years told. Two of the patients have been hospitalized because their illnesses were so severe. All of the patients have recovered.

Interventions were put into place at the facility, according to Schultz, and there is no evidence of any ongoing transmission, since the last patient who was sickened at there on February 26, 2017. There is no information about what caused the outbreak.

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The outbreak could have been caused through contaminated food, through cross-contamination, or by an ill employee. Past Salmonella outbreaks have been linked to eggs, chicken, cucumbers, frozen raw tuna, pork, nut butter spreads, alfalfa sprouts, pistachios, and manufactured products.

Ryan Osterholm, an attorney with Pritzker Hageman law firm said, “We are investigating this outbreak. It appears several people, including my client, were deathly ill.  As always, we want to make sure the source of this outbreak is found so the same mistakes aren’t made again.”

The symptoms of a Salmonella infection include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, and fever. Most people get sick within three days of exposure to the pathogenic bacteria, and are sick for up to a week. Most people also recover without medical treatment, but some can develop dehydration or sepsis and need hospitalization.

If you ate at Duffy’s Bar & Grill and have experienced these symptoms, see your doctor. Even if you recover completely, there are long term complications for this type of illness. Reiter’s Syndrome, which causes eye problems and reactive arthritis, is one such complication, as is high blood pressure and irritable bowel syndrome. A record of this illness should be on your medical chart.

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If you or a loved one ate at Duffy’s Bar & Grill in Osseo, MN and have been diagnosed with a Salmonella infection, call our experienced attorneys at 1-888-377-8900 for help.

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