June 18, 2024

Cyclospora and Salmonella Thompson Outbreaks Grow, Says FDA

The cyclospora and Salmonella Thompson outbreaks are growing, according to the latest information on the FDA CORE Outbreak Investigation Table. The Salmonella Thompson outbreak has now sickened at least 83 people, up from 77 patients in the last update. And the government has ended the investigation into the two cyclospora outbreaks,  which have increased to 170 sick total.

Cyclospora and Salmonella Thompson Outbreaks Grow, Says FDA

While traceback has been initiated in the two cyclospora outbreaks, the larger outbreak has seen on-site inspections and sample collection and analysis. Still, even with this work, the investigations were closed with no resolution.

In the cyclospora outbreaks, thee FDA added this footnote: “… of two large multistate outbreaks of cyclosporiasis, ill people reported eating a variety of leafy greens before becoming sick. For both investigations, CDC, FDA, and state and local partners conducted epidemiologic and traceback investigations and collected and analyzed product and environmental samples. All samples collected were reported as negative for Cyclospora. Due to the lack of additional detail in the epidemiological data and the absence of supporting evidence collected from traceback and sample collection, FDA could not identify a specific product as the source of either outbreak.”

There are cyclospora outbreaks every summer in the United States, and many of those outbreaks are unsolved. In the past, foods linked to these infections included cilantro, basil, mesclun lettuce, raspberries, vegetable trays, snow peas, and last year, Fresh Express bagged salads.

In the Salmonella Thompson outbreak, traceback has been initiated, on-site inspection has been initiated, and samples have been collected and analyzed. But no information about the possible source has been released.

Stay tuned for more information on the cyclospora and Salmonella Thompson outbreaks as the FDA updates information. And know the symptoms of a cyclospora infection and Salmonella food poisoning infection so you can get help if you do get sick.

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