July 17, 2024

Non-Viral Hepatitis Real Water Still Being Sold; A Number of People Sickened

The FDA has updated its investigation into the non-viral hepatitis real water outbreak, and the agency states that this water is still being sold through online retailers. The statement also reinforces the face that more people other than the five Nevada children have been sickened, stating that “a number of reports” of acute non-viral hepatitis have been received that are associated with Real Water brand alkaline water.

Hepatitis A Real Water Still Being Sold; A Number of People Sickened

The FDA is working to locate any remaining products to make sure they are not available to consumers. Since it is illegal to sell recalled products, the government is going to “follow up” with retailers as officials become aware of this brand being offered for sale

Since the last update on March 31, 2021, FDA investigators have completed inspections at the Real Water facilities in Henderson, Nevada and Mesa, Arizona. And the company has given the FDA some of the records that the government requested. FDA is reviewing this information along with the inspection reports and is sampling and analyzing Real Water products.

One of the people allegedly injured after consuming Real Water is UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar, who suffered liver failure and was hospitalized, according to a piece in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. That suit also alleges that another person, a local woman, was hospitalized with liver failure. There are other news reports about more individuals who may have been sickened after drinking the water, but they are not included in the FDA investigation report.

The FDA is continuing to warn people not to sell, serve, or drink Real Water alkaline water, and not to give it to your pets. The investigation is still ongoing, but current epidemiologic information indicates that Real Water alkaline water may be the cause of these illnesses.

The public is urged to report any product they may see offered for sale. Call your FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator in your region.

Symptoms of all types of hepatitis infections, including non-viral hepatitis, are similar. They include fatigue, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, light clay-colored stools, dark urine, a low grade fever, loss of appetite, joint pain, and intense itching as well as jaundice. If you have been experiencing these symptoms after consuming Real Water alkaline water, call your doctor.

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