April 11, 2024

APHIS Seized Prohibited Pork From China and Other Meats

APHIS seized prohibited pork sourced from China, along with poultry and ruminant products from New York City retailers in the last three months of 2021, according to a press release from the USDA. APHIS is the Animal and Plant Protection Service branch of that agency. More than 1900 pounds of prohibited products were seized.

APHIS Seized Prohibited Pork From China and Other Meats

The foods were sourced from China and didn’t have the required import permits and health certificates, and are considered a risk of introducing invasive plant and animal pests and diseases into the country. The prohibited pork from China and other meats were destroyed. These efforts are part of a collaboration between APHIS, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), U.S. Customers and Border Protection, and New York City public health officials.

China is a country that has African swine fever (ASF), Classical swine fever, Newcastle disease, foot-and-mouth disease, highly pathogenic avian influenza, and swine vascular disease. African Swing fever is dangerous because this deadly viral disease has spread throughout China, Asian, and parts of Europe. AFS does not affect humans.

AFS has not been found in the United States, but would significantly affect the swine industry if it spreads here. APHIS is preparing to respond if the disease is ever found in this country.

In 2021, the agency seized more than 224,000 pounds of prohibited imported food and agricultural items that were valued at more than $1.7 million. These actions help protect U.S. crops and livestock from devastating pests and foreign animal diseases.

You can help if you are aware of potential smuggling of prohibited exotic fruits, vegetables, or meat products into or throughout the United States. You can contact the confidential Anti-Smuggling Hotline at 301-734-8534 or email tips to [email protected].

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