July 25, 2024

FDA CORE Investigation Table Updated; More Cereal Illnesses Reported

The FDA CORE Outbreak Investigation Table has been updated with more information. The two changes are more cereal illnesses, and the addition of one more case to one Listeria monocytogenes outbreak. There is not much more information posted about any of the six active investigations.

FDA CORE Investigation Table Updated; More Cereal Illnesses Reported

In the dry cereal outbreak, there are now 529 adverse events reported. That is an increase of 83 more cereal illnesses since the last update was posted on April 27, 2022. Many news sites, including the website I Was Poisoned, are speculating that Lucky Charms cereal may be the focus of this investigation. In addition, sample collection has taken place, and analysis of those samples has begun. No recall has been issued.

In outbreak number 1057, the Listeria monocytogenes outbreak with no identified food, there are now 18 cases, an increase of one case since the last update. In that outbreak, traceback has been initiated.

The other investigations include the norovirus outbreak linked to raw oysters imported from British Columbia, Canada, which has sickened at least 103 people in the United States. There is contradictory information posted on the CDC’s page for that outbreak. In one sentence they say the investigation is closed, but further along, they say that the investigation status is active.

The outbreak that may be linked to meal replacement drinks has not changed, with six adverse events reported. The pathogen for that outbreak has not ben identified.

The investigation into the Cronobacter illnesses and Abbott Nutrition powdered infant formula is still active, although the positive samples taken from the Abbott facility did not match isolates from patients. The other Listeria monocytogenes outbreak has not been identified. There are 19 people sick in that outbreak.

As always, protect yourself by staying up to date on recall notices and outbreak investigation updates. And know the symptoms of food poisoning so you can get help from a doctor if needed.

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