September 28, 2021

Designed By Nature Powder Formulas Recalled For Mislabeling

Designed by Nature of California is recalling three types of Designed by Nature Powder Formulas because they are not intended to be used as infant formulas. There are no reports of injury or illness reported to the company to date in association with the use of these three products. The company is going to change their labeling to make it clear that these products cannot be used as infant formulas. They are advising parents and caregivers of infants 12 months old and young to not feed them to infants because they are deficient in multiple nutrients that are required in the makeup of infant formulas. In addition, the products have not been tested for the presence of Cronobacter, which is a pathogen that can be very dangerous for infants. All infant formula in the U.S. must be tested … [Read more...]

Update on Recall of Kirkland Signature Infant Formula For Cronobacter

The recall of Kirkland Signature President's Choice powdered infant formulas in Canada for possible Cronobacter contamination has been updated again. The first recall, issued on October 6, 2019, was for Lower Iron milk based powdered infant formula. The second notice was to correctly identify the formula that may be contaminated, which was President's Choice Sensitive two lactose milk-based powdered infant formula. This new recall adds more information to the first two recalls. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this recall. The recalled products, sold by Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd, are Kirkland Signature brand Non-GMO Infant Formula for Babies Sensitive to Lactose. These products are sold in two sizes. The first size is 1.36 kg packages, with UPC number 0 96619 … [Read more...]

Incorrect President’s Choice Infant Formula Recalled For Cronobacter

The food recall warning issued on October 6, 2019 has been revised  because it incorrectly identified the President's Choice  infant formula that was contaminated with Cronobacter. The Lower Iron milk based powdered infant formula is NOT potentially contaminated with cronobacter and is no longer subject to a food recall warning. Instead, results have found that some President's Choice brand Sensitive to Lactose milk-based powdered infant formula may be contaminated with Cronobacter. Loblaw companies is recalling this formula: President's Choice Sensitive to Lactose milk-based powdered infant formula, sold in 638 gram packages. The UPC number on the product is 0 60383 12994 1, and the codes on the product are EXP 2020 NO 05. This product was sold nationally and should not be consumed. … [Read more...]

President’s Choice Lower Iron Powdered Infant Formula Recalled

President's Choice Lower Iron Powdered Infant Formula is being recalled in Canada for Cronobacter. This product was sold nationally at the retail level. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this issue. The recalled product is President's Choice Lower Iron milk based powdered infant formula, sold in 900 gram containers. The UPC number on the product is 0 60383 69839 3, and the codes are EXP 2021 AU 29. This recall was triggered by Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) test results. A food safety investigation is being conducted, which may lead to the recall of more products. Cronobacter does not change the taste, smell, texture or appearance of food. This bacteria is not usually linked to human illnesses, but it can case fatal infections. It is associated … [Read more...]

Sammy’s Milk Baby Food Recalled for Possible Cronobacter

Graceleigh, Inc. doing business as Sammy's Milk is recalling all lots of Sammy's Milk Baby Food because it may contain Cronobacter. This bacteria can cause severe and sometimes fatal blood infections or meningitis in infants. The formula may also not provide nutritional levels of iron. No illnesses have been reported to date. Cronobacter occurs naturally in the environment and it survives in very dry conditions. The CDC usually receives notice of about 4 to 6 cases of Cronobacter infections in infants every year. Infants younger than 2 months are most likely to develop meningitis if they are infected with Cronobacter. Premature infants and babies with weakened immune systems are also at increased risk for serious complications from this infection. The recalled product is 12.84 ounce … [Read more...]

CDC Informs About Cronobacter in Infant Formula

Last week, the CDC issued a new report informing consumers about the possible presence of Cronobacter, formerly called Enterobacter sakazaki, a pathogen found in the environment that can survive under very dry conditions. Bacteria usually need a certain amount of free water in food products to survive. This bacteria has been found in the past in powdered infant formula, powdered milk, herbal teas, and starches, which are foods not usually associated with bacterial contamination. The government is especially concerned about infants, who are more susceptible to serious complications from bacterial infections. In fact, Cronobacter infections are often deadly in young infants. Three are only about 4 to 6 cases from Cronobacter every year in infants, but reporting this illness isn't … [Read more...]

Retailers Restock Enfamil Baby Formula

Walgreens, Kroger, and Supervalu have restocked their shelves with Mead Johnson's Enfamil baby formula after it was cleared by the FDA. The product was not the source of a Cronobacter infection that sickened four infants in December 2011. Enfamil formula was pulled from shelves after a Missouri infant died from a Cronobacter infection in December. Wal-Mart Stores are still deciding when to restock the product. On December 31, 2011, U.S. regulators cleared the formula after extensive testing. Four infants, in Illinois, Florida, Missouri, and Oklahoma, became will with Cronobacter within a few weeks, which triggered the recall. There are usually only about five cases of Cronobacter infection in the United States every year. A cluster of four cases was alarming. Other brands of … [Read more...]

FDA Says No Trace of Cronobacter in Enfamil Formula

The FDA has said they have found no trace of Cronobacter in Enfamil powdered baby formula. The formula was voluntarily recalled last week when a 10-day-old Missouri infant died after being fed the formula. Four infants became ill with Cronobacter, which only rarely causes illness. Two infants, one in Florida and one in Missouri, died of Cronobacter illness in the last two weeks. Two other infants developed Cronobacter infection, but have since recovered. The FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a joint statement on Friday which states, "Based on test results to date, there is no need for a recall of infant formula, and parents may continue to use powdered infant formula, following the manufacturer's directions on the printed label." Cronobacter was … [Read more...]

Cronobacter Is Rare But Often Deadly For Infants

A newborn boy in Missouri lost his life this week after contacting a rare bacterial infection from a  foodborne pathogen called Cronobacter sakazakii. He had been fed Enfamil Newborn powder bought at a Walmart store in Lebanon, Missouri. After learning of his death, the store, and 3,000 other Walmarts nationwide pulled the product from their shelves. The manufacturer of the formula, Mead Johnson Nutrition based in Glenview, Ill., said its records show that the formula in question came from a lot that tested negative for the bacterium before it was shipped. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MDHSS) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are all investigating the case. In infants, Cronobacter causes septicemia … [Read more...]

Wal-Mart Pulls Infant Formula From Shelves Nationwide

Wal-Mart has taken a batch of Enfamil powdered infant formula off store shelves nationwide out of "an abundance of caution" after a newborn baby in Missouri died of a bacteria infection after he was fed the product. No recall has been ordered for the formula, which is 12.5-ounce cans of Enfamil Newborn Powder, lot number ZP1K7G. The manufacturer, Mead Johnson Nutrition, tested the lot for bacteria before it was shipped and claims it tested negative. The company has re-tested that lot and tests were negative. The formula was purchased at a Wal-Mart store in Lebanon, Missouri. Late last week, 10-day-old Avery Cornett was hospitalized after appearing to develop a stomachache and showing signs of lethargy. Tests at St. John's Hospital-Springfield revealed he was infected with Cronobacter … [Read more...]

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