May 21, 2024

How Many in Wendy’s E. coli Outbreak? Depends on Who You Ask

How many sick in Wendy’s E. coli outbreak? It depends on who you ask. According to the CDC, there are 37 people sick with the outbreak strain of E. coli O157:H7 as of August 18, 2022.

How Many in Wendy's E. coli Outbreak? Depends on Who You Ask

But if you add in the number of confirmed cases according to the Michigan Department of Health, there are 43, not 15 that the CDC counts. And officials in Wood County, Ohio state that there are 22 people sick in that county alone with seven hospitalizations, although only nine have been confirmed as the outbreak strain. The state of Ohio says there are 19 total sick in that state, with seven in Wood county, but 12 in seven other counties. And there are patients in Indiana and Pennsylvania.

This type of disparity is fairly common in the early stages of an investigation. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention only counts confirmed cases that are closely related genetically. The only thing we know for sure is that this outbreak is growing rapidly, and that it is likely much larger than official case counts state.

While officials do not recommend that people stop eating at Wendy’s fast food restaurants, some food safety experts say that you should, for now, avoid eating anything from a Wendy’s outlet made with romaine lettuce. The romaine lettuce in question that is used on the burgers and sandwiches is not the same type used in their salads, according to officials.

Officials in Wood county say they tested food samples from a local Wendy’s restaurant. All food samples were negative for E. coli. That is also not unusual, since food that causes outbreaks is often discarded before it can be tested.

Symptoms of an E. coli infection include a mild fever, possible nausea and vomiting, and painful and severe stomach and abdominal cramps. Most people suffer from bloody and watery diarrhea. So how many in Wendy’s E. coli outbreak? If you ate there and have been experiencing these symptoms, you may be included.

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