May 26, 2024

Testing Finds Chromium in WanaBaba Fruit Puree Products

FDA testing has found chromium in WanaBaba Fruit Puree products, in addition to the lead that was found previously. Anyone who ate these products should tell their healthcare provider that they have been exposed to chromium.

Testing Finds Chromium in WanaBaba Fruit Puree Products

Chromium is a naturally occurring element that is an essential trace nutrient, but depending on the form and the amount consumed, it can be toxic. Chromium III and Chromium IV are the predominant forms. Chromium IV is more toxic.

Because of limitations in testing methods, the FDA was not able to definitively determine which form of chromium is in the cinnamon apple puree sample. The lead to chromium ratio in the sample is consistent with that of lead chromate, which contains chromium IV, but this is not a definitive indicator. In addition, the chromium in lead chromate may be converted to chromium III, the less toxic form, because of the acidity of the applesauce and the stomach.

Information on the health effects of eating food contaminated with chromium IV is limited. Symptoms of acute chromium exposure from eating contaminated food may be nonspecific. Some people may not have any symptoms at all, while others may experience abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, anemia, and renal (kidney) and hepatic (liver) dysfunction.

If you or a member of hour family is experiencing those symptoms after eating the recalled fruit puree, contact your doctor. In any case, tell your doctor or your child’s pediatrician about this potential exposure for health monitoring and supportive care.

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