April 20, 2024

Boston College Norovirus Associated with Chipotle Hits 120

The Massachusetts Department of Health has released a statement about the food poisoning outbreak at Boston College, believed to be associated with the Chipotle restaurant at Cleveland Circle. "Initial testing conducted by the State Public Health has shown the presence of norovirus," the statement reads. Now at least 120 students are sick in that outbreak, which was not an E. coli outbreak, as was originally feared. Boston College released another statement to its community, confirming that the outbreak was norovirus and offering information to the students and staff. At least 80 of the sickened students confirmed that they did eat at the Chipotle restaurant at Cleveland Circle. The Chipotle restaurant in question was closed after the reports of illness started to come in. A City of … [Read more...]

BC Basketball Players Among 80 Sickened at Boston Area Chipotle

At least eight members of the Boston College men's basketball team are among 80 sickened after eating at a Boston Area Chipolte. Health officials have tested all 80 people for Norovirus and E. coli and will have results within 48 hours. Symptoms of those who became ill included vomiting and diarrhea. Several members of the Boston College basketball team were so sick they missed Sunday's game, and some of them may also miss tomorrow's game. The Boston outbreak is the latest blow to Chipotle's food safety record. Currently linked to a nine-state E. coli outbreak that has sickened 52 people, Chipotle was also linked to a September Salmonella outbreak in Minnesota and a September Norovirus outbreak in California. The E.coli outbreak includes cases in California (3), Illinois (1), … [Read more...]

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