December 15, 2019

More Stores Added to Rancho Feeding Corporation Beef Recall List

More stores have been added to the recall list for the Rancho Feeding Corporation beef recall. The products were recalled because the meat was made from diseased, unsound, and uninspected animals. In addition to the locations named in California, one store in Florida: Fajita Meats and Fish on 10th Avenue in North Lake Worth, was added. In addition, 38 stores or other locations in California were added. To see the full list of stores, please visit the USDA web site. The stores all seem to be smaller grocers and some independent shops. Other than G&G, no national chains have been named. Some of the places that carried the recalled products include food banks, churches, family service agencies, and missions. Please look at the list carefully. If you purchased any of the recalled … [Read more...]

Purple Poop Makes Quite A Splash

When an artist, a designer and seven Cambridge University biology undergraduates team up, what do you get? Purple poop. Or yellow, or green, or red, or blue. Those who maybe inclined to pooh-pooh such an idea should know that the technology developed by one such collaboration of artists and scientists goes well beyond giving the ho-hum stool sample a punch of color What they actually developed is  E. chromi, an engineered strain of E. coli that secretes color in the presence of pollutants. Like many kinds of bacteria, E. coli are sensitive to environmental pollutants. By equipping them with a pigment-producing device that switches on in the presence of certain toxins, the team of scientists and artists created a way to use bacteria as an inexpensive, user-friendly biosensor. For … [Read more...]

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