September 24, 2021

Pink Burgers Again; Vermont Worthy Burger E. coli Outbreak

The Vermont Department of Health is investigating a cluster of E. coli infections among Vermont residents. At least seven people may be sick with this illness, which is caused by shiga toxin-producing bacteria (STEC). Worthy Burger voluntarily closed for five days beginning on September 17, 2015, but has stated that the closure was for "mechanical issues". Still, the restaurant changed its vendors under recommendation from public health officials after the outbreak was announced. The Health Department also recommended that Worthy Burger cooks make sure hamburgers are cooked to 155°F as measured with a food thermometer and held at that temperature for at least 15 seconds. The restaurant was also supposed to do a thorough cleaning, and warn customers that eating raw or undercooked meat … [Read more...]

Worthy Burger E. coli Outbreak Sickens 7 in Vermont

Seven people who ate at Worthy Burger in South Royalton in Vermont developed food poisoning, according to Valley News. Five of them have confirmed case of E. coli infection. All of them have recovered and health officials say there is ongoing threat of illness. The restaurant closed from September 17 -September 21, made changed recommended by the health department, changed some of its suppliers and reopened. One of the recommended changes was using a food thermometer to make sure burgers had been cooked to a safe internal temperature. Using a food thermometers is the only way to make sure food is properly cooked. Color is not a reliable indicator. Health officials are not releasing dates of illness or information about which, if any, suppliers may be involved. E. coli bacteria live … [Read more...]

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