June 17, 2024

Boise Co-op Violates Safety Regulations after Salmonella Outbreak

The Central District Health Department in Boise, Idaho has found three critical violations at the Boise Co-op, which was the site of a large Salmonella outbreak earlier this summer. The inspection was conducted on July 24, 2015. The violations were corrected while the inspector was still at the facility. The violations included meat in the deli's walk-in coolers that are undated or past their expiration date. Temperatures that were too warm were discovered in the deli salad bar. Several salads, including chopped chicken, caprese salad, and pasta with chicken were held at incorrect temperatures. And in the produce department, employees were using a multi-surface cleaner that was not approved for use on food contact surfaces. Ben Kuzma, Boise Co-op general manager said that the violations … [Read more...]

Boise Co-Op Salmonella Outbreak is Largest in Idaho History

A  Salmonella outbreak linked to the deli at the Boise Co-op is the largest Salmonella outbreak in Idaho history. At least 290 have been sickened, according to the Central District Health Department (CDHD). Testing on food samples taken from the deli has shown that raw turkey, tomatoes and onion were all contaminated with the bacteria. It's not clear if they were all contaminated before they arrived at the store, or if one of them was and contaminated the others, or if all of the foods were contaminated by an infected food handler. Salmonella bacteria live in the intestines of humans and other animals. Foods become contaminated when they come into contact with feces containing the bacteria. This can happen to meat during slaughter, through cross-contamination or through inadequate … [Read more...]

Did Cross-Contamination Play Role in Boise Co-Op Salmonella Outbreak?

Did cross-contamination play a role in the Boise Co-Op Salmonella outbreak? Health authorities investigating the outbreak which has sickened 200 people say it likely played a role. About 200 people who ate food prepared in the deli between June 1 and June 10 have fallen ill with symptoms of Salmonella poisoning including nausea, diarrhea and headache. Health officials say they continue to receive new reports of illness. They encourage anyone who ate food from the deli and has had Salmonella symptoms to see a health care provider. So far, foods identified as a sources of illness include turkey, tomato and onions. Officials from the Central District Health Department are working with Co-Op management on a redesign of the kitchen and workflow that will reduce the risk of foodborne … [Read more...]

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