October 21, 2014

Live Poultry Salmonella Outbreak Sickens 344 in 42 States


A Salmonella outbreak linked to live poultry from Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Ohio has sickened 344 people in 42 states an Puerto Rico, according to the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One third of the patients are children under 10. This is the third straight year that Mt. Healthy has been linked to a Salmonella outbreak. Some of the outbreak strains which include Salmonella Infantis, Salmonella Newport, or Salmonella Hadar are resistant to antibiotics. Thirty one percent of those sickened have required hospitalization. Many of the patients, Since the last update on August 8, 2014, 44 new cases have been reported. By state, they are as follows: Alabama (1), Arizona (1), Connecticut (1), Georgia (1),  Illinois (1), Iowa (2), Kansas (1), … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak is 4th in 4 Years for Mail Order Hatchery

Mt Healthy Hatchery Salmonella Outbreak

A Salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 300 people in 42 states and Puerto Rico is the fourth in four years to be linked to Mt. Healthy Hatcheries, a mail order hatchery in Ohio. In each of the outbreaks, many of those sickened have been children under ten.  Two people died. All of the outbreaks included multiple strains. An all of them had large numbers of sick children. So far, seven strains of Salmonella have been identified in outbreaks linked to the mail order chicks and ducks. The current outbreak has three strains:  Salmonella Infantis, Salmonella Newport and Salmonella Hadar. About 37 percent of the cases are children or younger. In 2013, 158 people in 30 states were sickened by four strains: Salmonella Infantis, Salmonella Lille, Salmonella Newport and … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Live Poultry Expands, 300 in 42 States Sick

Live Poultry Salmonella Outbreak

A Salmonella outbreak linked to live poultry has sickened at least 300 people in 42 states and Puerto Rico, according to the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That's 49 new cases and five more states since the last update on June 27. Sixty four people have been hospitalized. The 49 new cases were reported from the following states: Alabama (2), Arizona (1), Colorado (1), Georgia (3), Idaho (2), Iowa (1), Massachusetts (1), Minnesota (1), Missouri (1), Nebraska (3), New Hampshire (1), New Jersey (1), New York (3), North Carolina (1), Ohio (3), Oregon (1), Pennsylvania (4), Puerto Rico (1), South Carolina (1), Tennessee (3), Vermont (1), Virginia (8), Washington (1), and West Virginia (4). The total case count is as follows: Alabama (8),  Arizona … [Read more...]

Salmonella from Backyard Poultry Flocks Sickens 251 in 37 States


Salmonella from live poultry kept in backyard flocks has sickened 251 people in 37 states, according to the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  That's an increase of 125 cases since the last update on May 30, 2014. Fifty four people have been hospitalized. Health officials have linked the outbreak to chicks, ducklings and other live poultry from Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Ohio through epidemiologic, laboratory, and traceback investigations. This is the same mail-order hatchery that has been associated with multiple outbreaks of Salmonella infections linked to live poultry in past years, including in 2012 and 2013. Onset of illness for those who became ill, who range in age from less than one year to 95 years, were from February 4 and June 4. … [Read more...]

Children Hit Hardest by Salmonella Outbreak from Backyard Flocks

Children are hit hardest by Salmonella outbreaks linked to live poultry

Almost 40 percent of Salmonella cases in the current outbreak linked to backyard flocks are children under the age of 10, according to the latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Salmonella Newport outbreak has sickened 126 people in 26 states. At least 28 people have been hospitalized. Health investigators have traced the source of contaminated chicks and ducklings to Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Ohio, a mail-order hatchery. This is the third time in three years that the hatchery has been linked to a Salmonella outbreak.  At least 158 people were sickened in the 2013 outbreak. Two people in the 2012 outbreak died. Mt. Healthy Hatcheries also sells birds to retailers. At least 52 of the case patients bought the birds from feed or farm store companies … [Read more...]

23-State Salmonella Outbreak from Backyard Poultry Flocks


A 23-state Salmonella outbreak linked to backyard poultry flocks has sickened 60 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 40 percent of those sickened were children 10 and under. At least 10 people were hospitalized. Health investigators have linked this outbreak of Salmonella Infantis and Salmonella Newport infections to contact with live poultry from Mt. Healthy Hatcheries in Ohio, the same mail order hatchery linked to live poultry Salmonella outbreaks in 2013 and 2012. Symptoms of Salmonella infection, called salmonellosis, include fever, cramping, vomiting and diarrhea that can sometimes be bloody. For those sickened in this outbreak, onset of illness ranged from February 4 to April 21.  Those sickened  range in age from younger than one … [Read more...]

Backyard Poultry? Reduce Salmonella Risk With CDC Tips

Mt Healthy Hatchery Salmonella Outbreak

Are you tending a backyard flock of chicks or ducklings this spring? If so, consider these tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on reducing your risk of Salmonella poisoning. Salmonella from live poultry sickened more than 450 people in 2012. Generally, children are disproportionately affected in these outbreaks. Why? Their immunes systems are not fully developed, they are less likely than adults to wash their hands properly and more likely than adults to put their fingers in their mouths and to snuggle or kiss the small birds. The CDC recommends that children under 5 and others with weakened immune systems, including pregnant women, not handle young birds. Older children should be supervised with the birds and while washing their hands afterward. Wash … [Read more...]

Creating a Probiotic Chicken


A research team working at the Institute of Food Research in the UK has been looking into coating chicken feathers with probiotics to combat pathogenic bacteria. The research is published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Lactobacillus johnsonii is applied to the coat and feathers of the chicken. Researchers discovered this then excludes Clostridium perfringens from the chicken's intestines. That bacteria causes necrotic enteritis in the poultry and sickens humans. The bacteria has a "coat" made of exopolysaccharides (EPS) that help the bacteria fend off stress and aid colonization. Scientists think that the EPS coat helps it outcompete C. perfringens. When chickens are slaughtered, bacteria in their intestines can easily contaminate the flesh. And in the U.S. and in the UK, … [Read more...]

Salmonella Outbreak Source Privett Hatchery, Portales NM


Live poultry from Privett Hatchery is the source of a Salmonella outbreak that has sickened 316 people in 37 states, most of whom are children, according to the New Mexico Department of Health.  A strain of Salmonella found in an environmental sample taken from the Portales, NM poultry hatchery matches the strain found in those sickened, health officials say. The Salmonella infections have been linked to contact with chicks, ducklings, and other live baby poultry from the hatchery. At least 51 people have been hospitalized. Sixty percent of those sickened are children under 10. Children are disproportionately affected in outbreaks associated with live poultry as their immune systems are not fully developed. They are also less likely than adults to wash their hands properly and more … [Read more...]

Minnesota Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Ducklings Bought at Tractor Supply Co.


An outbreak of salmonellosis in Minnesota has been linked to ducklings purchased from the Tractor Supply Company store in Inver Grove Heights, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. The cases are associated with a multistate outbreak that is being investigated by the CDC. The patients range in age from 18 to 60 years. All three cases are caused by Salmonella Infantis. The illness onset dates range from late March through early April 2013. MDH State Public Health Veterinarian Dr. Joni Scheftel said that anyone who handles ducklings, chicks, or other birds should wash their hands thoroughly after contact. "Chicks and ducklings can be a great attraction for children and families this time of year, but they can also be a source of illness. That is why it is so important for … [Read more...]

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