July 17, 2019

Don’t Want Chicken from China? Sign the Petition!

Food & Water Watch has been speaking out against the USDA’s decision to allow poultry products processed in China to be sold in the U.S. The USDA has admitted that China’s poultry slaughter program is not equivalent to the U.S. program, so chickens raised in China cannot be exported to the U.S. But the American government is considering letting the Chinese food industry process chickens raised elsewhere.

chicken breasts styrofoamThe plan will save agribusiness money, since processing costs are lower in China. But since there will be no U.S. inspectors in China watching the processing process, there’s no guarantee the Chinese companies won’t use Chinese-raised chickens. The poultry that’s cooked and processed in China will not be labeled as such, because of a loophole in the country of origin labeling rules. In addition, many food safety problems with Chinese food, from the melamine-tainted baby food scandal to the bird flu outbreak, concerns many food safety experts.

Food & Water Watch has started a petition to federal legislators, asking them to stop the USDA from approving Chinese-processed chicken. The agency supports Representative Rosa DeLauro’s efforts to stop this USDA move.


  1. Crystal Ritter says:

    We don’t need to import chicken. I don’t trust food from China right now with all the poisoning to the dogs.

  2. I signed the petition. Thanks for all of your work to make our food safe, Linda.

  3. ANNE AL MAZLOUM says:


  4. Chris Williams says:

    NO chicken or other meats from China

  5. Mitch Franks says:

    The US gets more insane by the minute. No empire has lasted through the ages, and the USA is no exception. It’s like living on the Titanic.

  6. Allen Schultz says:

    China’s system is worse than our, and ours is abysmal! Why would we want to do this? Oh yeah, to put more money in agribusiness’s pockets. I think not.

  7. THOMAS CURRY says:

    I do not want chicken or any food from china
    They killed our pets sending poison food and they will poison us too

  8. I don’t eat chicken or feed anything containing chicken to my dog. That from China is unlikely to be safe. But, I don’t want chicken from the US, either. Too many are contaminated with pathogens, and fed arsenic. It will be very risky, under the new inspection scheme. Our food supply has become much more questionable, and is likely to get even worse.

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