April 15, 2024

Pritzker Hageman Files First Cooper’s Hawk Winery Cyclospora Lawsuit

Pritzker Hageman attorneys filed the first lawsuit in the Cooper’s’ Hawk Winery cyclospora outbreak today,  Friday, July 12, 2019. The suit was filed on behalf of Jacksonville resident Lekeysha Bentley, who became ill after eating food at that venue in Jacksonville, Florida in June 2019. The lawsuit (Filing number 92497394) was filed in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit Court.

Pritzker Hageman Files First Cooper's Hawk Winery Cyclospora Lawsuit

Because of her illness, Ms. Bentley suffered with debilitating symptoms for weeks. She has received treatment, but her symptoms have not abated.

Lawyer Fred Pritzker

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a cyclospora infection, you can contact attorney Fred Pritzker for help by calling 1-888-377-8900.

Food safety attorney Fred Pritzker, who  has represented many people who have been sickened in every major food poisoning outbreak in the last few years,  said, “No one should get sick just because they decided to go out to eat for dinner. These patients can be ill for a long time and suffer relapses that devastate their lives.”

Between 80 and 100 people may have been sickened after eating at the Jacksonville restaurant in June 2019. Many patients attended an event there that was sponsored by the Exchange Club.

The cyclospora parasite is native to subtropical climates. People get sick after eating produce that has been contaminated with the oocyst.

More cases may still be diagnosed in this outbreak, since it can take weeks between a patient getting sick, seeing their doctor, receiving a diagnosis, and reporting the illness to public health officials. If you or anyone you know has been ill with the symptoms of cyclosporiasis, including frequent and ongoing watery diarrhea and nausea, see a doctor and be tested. This illness can last for months and recur without warning if it is not treated.

There have been cyclospora outbreaks in the United States every year for the past several years. We don’t know yet what food may have been served at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant that may have been contaminated. Previous cyclospora outbreaks in the U.S. have been linked to McDonald’s salads, Del Monte vegetable trays, cilantro, raspberries, and mesclun lettuce.


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