June 16, 2024

Del Monte Cyclospora Outbreak Ends With 250 Sick; Lawsuits Filed

The Del Monte cyclospora outbreak has ended after sickening 250 people, according to the FDA and CDC. Those sickened ate pre-packaged Del Monte Vegetable Trays.

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FDA evaluated and reviewed the distribution and supplier information for every component of the vegetable trays. he investigation did not reveal a single source or potential point of contamination for any of the items that were in those trays.

Eight people were hospitalized in this Del Monte cyclospora outbreak because they were so sick. The patients live in four states: Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The case count by state is: Michigan (1), Iowa (9), Minnesota (62), and Wisconsin (177).

Del Monte recalled their 6 ounce, 12 ounce, and 28 ounce vegetable trays during different dates in June 2018. The trays contained broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and dill dip. Most people purchased these items at Kwik Trip stores in the midwest United States.

The expiration date for those products was June 17, 2018 or earlier, even though the outbreak kept growing into August. That may be because people didn’t know about the outbreak and didn’t see a doctor until their symptoms did not abate.

Attorney Fred Pritzker

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Food safety attorney Fred Pritzker, who is representing many clients sickened in this outbreak, said, “Every summer there is a large outbreak of cyclosporiasis somewhere in this country. This is a disease that originates in the tropics. Producers and processors are going to have to do a better job testing for the parasite.”

The symptoms of cyclosporiasis, the illness caused by this microscopic parasite, include explosive and frequent diarrhea that can recur for months, weight loss, loss of appetite, bloating,  headache, fever, increased gas, nausea, and fatigue. There is treatment for this infection, but it is sulfa-based. Anyone who is allergic to that compound needs to discuss different possible treatment options with their doctors.


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