July 17, 2024

Another Infant Death Added to Similac Cronobacter Illnesses Case Count

Another infant death has been added to the Similac Cronobacter linked outbreak case count, bringing the total number of babies sickened from Cronobacter to four, with two deaths. An additional infant was reported to the FDA as being sickened with a Salmonella Newport infection, marking five total cases identified so far in this investigation. FDA reporting indicates that with this latest baby, an infant in Ohio, “Cronobacter infection may have been a contributing cause of death for this patient.”

Another Infant Death Added to Similac Cronobacter Illnesses Case Count

The case count is now Minnesota (1), Ohio (2) and Texas (2). The original case count was one sick in Minnesota, one sick in Ohio (that infant died), and two sick in Texas.

The baby identified in this new case reportedly consumed Abbott Nutrition’s Similac PM 60/40 product with the lot code 27032K800 before getting sick. FDA and CDC told Abbott Nutrition about these findings. On February 28, 2022, Abbott voluntarily recalled that product, although that notice has not yet been published on the FDA’s recall page. That product is a specialty formula for certain infants who would benefit from lowered mineral intake and was not included in the initial recall.

At this time, Similac PM 60/40 powdered infant formula with lot code 27032K80 for the can and 27032K800 for the case are the only type and lots of this specialty formula that are recalled. This lot was distributed in the United States and Israel.

Infant formula is an essential product that is the sole source of nutrition for many infants and children. FDA is working with Abbott Nutrition to better assess the effects of this recall and understand production capacity at other Abbott facilities that produce some of these recalled products.

To check if the formula you have is part of the recall, go to Abbott Nutrition web site and enter the product lot code that is stamped on the bottom of the package or can. If your baby is experiencing symptoms of a Cronobacter or Salmonella infection, see your doctor for immediate care.

Early symptoms of Cronobacter include crying, poor feeding, very low energy, and a fever. If sepsis or meningitis is starting to develop, symptoms include refusing food, stiff jerky movements, a floppy body, cold hands and feed, blood in the stool, vomiting, jaundice, difficulty breathing, grunting breaths, pale skin, and unusual cry. These symptoms constitute a medical emergency.

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