January 24, 2022

Jetfuel Diuretic Recalled For Undeclared Milk Allergen

Jetfuel Diuretic is being recalled because it may contain milk, one of the nine major food allergens, that is not declared on the label.  Anyone who is allergic to milk proteins, or who is lactose intolerant, could have a serious reaction if they consume this product. No illnesses or allergic reactions have been reported to the company to date in connection with the consumption of this item. The recalling firm is World Health Products LLC of Monroe, Connecticut. The GAT Sport Jetfuel Diuretic was sold through the GAT Sport online store, through Amazon, and also in retail stores nationwide. The recalled products include GAT Sport Jetfuel Diuretic in 90 count bottles, with lot number 2003609 and expiration date 6/2023 printed on the label. The same product with lot number 2003610 and … [Read more...]

Senna Syrup Recalled For Possible Microbial Contamination

Senna Syrup is being recalled for possible microbial contamination. This product is a natural vegetable laxative. The contamination could cause serious or life-threatening illnesses among certain populations, more specifically the elderly, anyone with a weakened immune system, or patients at higher risk of developing life-threatening inflammation of the heart. No reports of illness have been received by the company to date. The recalling firm is Lohxa LLC of Worcester, Massachusetts. The recalled product is Senna Syrup that is packaged into 5 mL unit-dose cups. The product is sold in case of 20 cartons packaged with 24 units each. The NDC is 50268-731-24. The recalled product 8.8 mg/5mL lot number is AM1115S, and the expiration date stamped on the label is 01/2023. The syrup was … [Read more...]

Interstate Meat Retail Distribution List For Ground Beef Recall Released

The Interstate Meat retail distribution list for ground beef recalled for possible contamination with E. coli O157:H7 has been released by the USDA. About 28,000 pounds of the ground beef has been recalled. No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this issue. The company is located in Clackamas, Oregon. The ground beef has the establishment number "EST. 965" stamped inside the USDA mark of inspection. The brand names of the ground beef include WinCo, Walmart, Kroger, and Albertsons. This list may not include all retail locations where the beef was sold, and not all of these stores may have sold the product. Use the product-specific information, including time stamps and best if used by dates, to identify whether you purchased this recalled item. The potential … [Read more...]

Angel Formula Infant Formula Recalled For Possible Health Risks

Angel Formula Infant Formula is being recalled for possible health risks because it does not meet specific nutrition and labeling requirements the FDA has established for that type of product. It is marketed as infant formula, which has very specific requirements for nutrients. No illnesses have been reported to the company to date in connection with the consumption of this product. This product is a powdered "mylk" (milk) alternative. The recalling firm is Moor Herbs of Detroit, Michigan. The FDA tested the product and found that the iron, sodium, and potassium content was well over the maximum amounts allowed for this type of formula. That could lead to iron overload or electrolyte imbalance. In addition, the formula did not have vitamin D. A deficiency in that vitamin can lead to … [Read more...]

Interstate Meat Recalls Ground Beef For Possible E coli O157:H7

Interstate Meat recalls ground beef for possible E. coli O157:H7 contamination. Consumer Reports reported that they found this contamination in a package of Kroger 93% lean ground beef purchased at a Fred Meyer store in Seattle on January 5, 2021. The recall is for about 28,356 ponds of ground beef products. The recalling firm is Interstate Meat Distributors. Inc. of Clackamas, Oregon. The raw ground beef items were produced on December 20, 2021. You can see pictures of product labels at the USDA web site. They include WinCo, Fresh GROUND BEEF SIRLOIN 90% LEAN – 10% FAT, 16 oz. (1 lb.) chub, 18:37 through 18:48 L3, 1/11/2022; Wal-Mart, ALL NATURAL GROUND BEEF 90% LEAN 10% FAT, 16 oz. (1 lb.) chub, 18:49 through 19:18 L3, 1/11/2022; WinCo, Fresh GROUND BEEF 93% LEAN - 7% FAT, 16 oz. … [Read more...]

Josie’s Organics Baby Spinach E. coli Outbreak Ends With 15 Sick

The Josie's Organics baby spinach E. coli O157:H7 outbreak has ended with 15 people sick in 10 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One more person, who lives in California, was added to the case count since the last update on December 3, 2021. The outbreak has ended as of January 6, 2021. The patient case count by state is: California (1), Indiana (4), Iowa (1), Michigan (1), Minnesota (2), Missouri (1), Nebraska (1), Ohio (1), Pennsylvania (1), and South Dakota (2). Illness onset dates ranged from October 13, 2021 to November 8, 2021. Patient ages ranged from one to 76 years. Four people were hospitalized, for a hospitalization rate was 27%. And three people developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a complication of an E. coli infection that … [Read more...]

Pet Advent Calendars Recalled by ALDI For Possible Choking Hazard

ALDI is recalling two kinds of Pet Advent Calendars that were sold in their stores for a possible choking hazard. This recall is in association with Pet Brands Products LLC. Consumer complaints  received by the company prompted this recall. The affected products have been removed from store shelves. No other ALDI products are affected by this recall. The recall notice did not state whether or not any pet injuries have been reported to date in connection with this problem. The product is an advent calendar that contains cat and dog  treats. There are two recalled products. The first is Pure Being Cat Advent Calendar, in a 5.15 ounce box. The UPC number that is stamped on that label is 4099100267754. All best if used by dates are recalled. Also recalled is Pure Being Dog Advent … [Read more...]

ProSource and Keeler Onions Salmonella Outbreak is Number One for 2021

The ProSource and Keeler onions Salmonella Oranienburg outbreak is the number one food poisoning outbreak of 2021, with at least 892 people sick in 38 states and Puerto Rico. This outbreak is ongoing and has not been updated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since November 16, 2021. The outbreak was first disclosed in mid September 2021, but whole red, yellow, and white onions were not named as the source until October 20, 2021. The patient case count by state is: Alabama (5), Arkansas (17), California (14), Colorado (3), Connecticut (5), Florida (43), Georgia (2), Hawaii (1), Illinois (48), Indiana (1), Iowa (4), Kansas (17), Kentucky (9), Louisiana (8), Maryland (63), Massachusetts (13), Michigan (10), Minnesota (25), Mississippi (3), Missouri (51), Nebraska (9), … [Read more...]

Kirkwood Breaded Stuffed Chicken Salmonella Outbreak Number 4 of 2021

The Kirkwood breaded stuffed chicken Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak is the number four multistate food poisoning outbreak of 2021, with at least 36 people sickened in 11 states. Twelve people were hospitalized because they were so ill. The patient case count by state was: Arizona (4), Arkansas (1), Connecticut (1), Illinois (10), Indiana (4), Michigan (1), Minnesota (4), Nevada (1), New York (7), Ohio (1), and Oklahoma (2). Illness onset dates ranged from February 21, 2021 to August 16, 2021. Patients ranged in age from one year to 83. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture found the outbreak strain of Salmonella Enteritidis in two samples of Kirkwood's Chicken Cordon Bleu after collecting five frozen raw breaded stuffed chicken products from a grocery store where an ill person … [Read more...]

FDA Info on Deadly Dole Listeria Outbreak, With 16 Sickened

The FDA has released information about the deadly Dole Listeria outbreak that has sickened at least 16 people in 13 states and killed two as of December 22, 2021. The FDA says that the outbreak is "potentially linked" to those products. The CDC investigated this outbreak in 2019 and 2020 but was not able to gather enough information to name a brand or products. The investigation was reopened in November 2021 when four new illnesses were reported. In October 2021, the Georgia Department of Agriculture collected a product sample of prepackaged salad mix from a grocery store. That sample tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes. A recall was issued by Dole in October 2021. Those products are now past their "Best if Used By" dates. That positive sample was sent for whole genome … [Read more...]

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