May 29, 2024

FDA Investigating 231 Dry Cereal Adverse Events: May Be Lucky Charms?

The FDA is investigating 231 dry cereal adverse event reports, according to their CORE Outbreak Investigation Table. This matches up with the reports of gastrointestinal illness claims from people who say they have eaten Lucky Charms cereal in the past few weeks, according to

FDA Investigating 231 Dry Cereal Adverse Events: Likely Lucky Charms?

In an email about the update, the FDA states:

  • For adverse event report investigations, FDA will indicate a product category and not publicly name a specific product until there is sufficient evidence to implicate that product as a cause of illnesses or adverse events.
  • For the new adverse events investigation (reference #1064), FDA is following up on a series of unconfirmed adverse event reports that may be associated with dry cereal. Although FDA has not determined that this cereal is linked to these adverse event reports, FDA is conducting an investigation to determine the potential causality of these complaints. The total number of adverse events reported includes the number of adverse events that have been self-reported by consumers to FDA consumer complaint coordinators and the CFSAN Adverse Event Reporting System (CAERS), which could include duplicate reports.

In that “dry cereal adverse event outbreak,” the FDA has initiated on-site inspection, but has not conducted traceback, collected samples or analyzed them, and no recall has been issued.

There are five other previously reported active outbreak investigations on that table with no changes from the last update last week. The Cronobacter illnesses associated with powdered infant formula, the two unidentified Listeria monocytogenes outbreaks, the norovirus outbreak linked to imported Canadian oysters, and the Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak investigations are still ongoing.

However, there is another outbreak that is associated with a meal replacement drink that has “6 adverse event reports.” In that outbreak, traceback has begun, and samples have been collected and analyzed. There is no more information about those illnesses at this time.

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