August 16, 2022

Texas Carbon Monoxide Poisonings Increase In Wake of Power Outage

An article in Forbes is highlighting the fact that Texas carbon monoxide poisonings are increasing in the wake of the killer freezing temperatures and lack of power in that state. It seems that people are bringing outdoor grills inside and are leaving gas stoves and ovens open and running all night. Those are all bad ideas. All of those heat sources release carbon monoxide, which is invisible, odorless, and a silent killer. According to Forbes, Cook Children's Hospital has treated over a dozen children for CO poisoning. And over 300 carbon monoxide poisonings were reported in Harris County alone, where Houston is located. Several people have died. Heatrs that malfunction, indoor use of grills and camp stoves, and kerosene heaters cause carbon monoxide poisonings and death every … [Read more...]

Gorilla Grip Oven Liners Recalled For Possible CO Poisoning

Gorilla Grip oven liners are being recalled for possible carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The recall is for Gorilla Commerce heavy duty oven liners. If the oven liner isn't cut or configured for the exact specifications of the appliance, and it is placed over any vents or other openings, carbon monoxide can build up, posing a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. About 1,600 units of the product were sold online at Amazon and Gorilla Grip web sites from June 2020 through August 2020 for between $8 and $12. The black fiberglass liners were sold in a set of three. Extra Thick and Gorilla Grip with a gorilla logo are both printed on the packaging. The firm has received one report of a consumer's carbon monoxide alarm going off when using … [Read more...]

As Hurricane Florence Approaches, Get Ready

Hurricane Florence is approaching the east coast of the U.S. as a Category 4 storm with winds of 140 mph. Storms of this magnitude can wreak havoc on a large area even if your home is out of reach of storm surge and high winds. Flooding and power outages can cause serious food safety issues. The CDC has some advice. If you are in an evacuation area, leave. Take medications you need with you, along with prescriptions. Avoid driving through flooded areas and standing water. If you are planning to stay, get supplies. The hurricane will probably cut off power and your water supply may end. Have at least five gallons of water per person available per day. Most experts say you should have enough water for five days, but Hurricane Florence may stall, so you may want to think about … [Read more...]

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