June 16, 2024

Secondary Salmonella Onion Recalls: Salsa, Dips, and Stir Fries

The Salmonella Newport outbreak linked to red onions has sickened at least 640 people in 43 states and 239 people in Canada. Now there are secondary Salmonella onion recalls for products such as salsa, dips, and stir fry ingredients. We are keeping a running list of the onion recalls; now this list will help you keep track of recalled products made with those onions.

Secondary Salmonella Onion Recalls: Salsa, Dips, and Stir Fries

Most, if not all, of these products were made with red onions, which are typically used raw because they are sweeter than regular onions. But yellow and white onions are also recalled simply because of the potential for cross-contamination. Onions are harvested and mixed together during transport and processing.

The original recall was for Thomson International red, yellow, white, and sweet yellow onions that was issued on August 1, 2020. The brand names of those onions, which were sold in mesh sacks, cartons, and sold in bulk in some stores, include Thomson Premium, TLC Thomson International, Tender Loving Care, El Competitor, Hartley’s Best, Onions 52, Majestic, Imperial Fresh, Kroger, Utah Onions, Progressive Produce, and Food Lion.

The Recalls

All of these recall notices state that no illnesses have been reported in association with these products that are linked to the multistate Salmonella Newport outbreak. These are the secondary recalls, listed in chronological order:

  • Giant Eagle recalled onions and prepared foods using onions as and ingredient on August 5, 2020. The prepared items were not named in the recall statement. They were sold in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland. Contact your grocer to see if you purchased a product made with the recalled onions.
  • Taylor Farms recalled ready to eat meat and poultry products made with the onions on August 5, 2020. They included breakfast bowls, chicken salad deli snack, and southwest salads, among others. These products have the establishment number “P-34733” or “34733” inside the USDA mark of inspection and were shipped to Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas. And Amana Meat Shop and Smokehouse Ham in Vinegar Pickle with lot codes E2620, F0320, F3720, F5420, G0620, G1720 and G3920, sold in 1.25-pound quart jars, is recalled. It has the establishment number “EST. 2357” and was shipped to California, Illinois, Iowa, and South Carolina, and was also available through mail order.
  • Taylor Farms recalled Kroger salads and one chicken sandwich, and Marketside products sold at select Walmart stores including diced onions, stir fry ingredients, and sandwiches, on August 6, 2020. The Kroger products were sold in Louisiana and Texas. The Marketside diced yellow onion, diced mirepoix, and fajita stir fry products were sold in Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. The Taylor farms chicken croissant sandwich was sold at Walmart stores in Texas.
  • Spokane Produce recalled Saddlin’ Up Salsa and Salsa Verde on August 10, 2020 for possible Salmonella contamination. The salsas were sold in 15 ounce plastic tubs and institutional size one gallon plastic containers in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington state.
  • Kroger recalled cheese dips from Fred Meyer, Frys, Smith’s, and Kroger stores on August 12, 2020. Each store sold a different combination of Murray’s, Jarlsberg, and Deli dips and spreads from May 15, 2020 to August 6, 2020.
  • Costco recalled Spinach Salads and Cobb Salads that were sold at their NE Anchorage, Issaquah, Woodinville, or Fairbanks stores. They were sold between July 29, 2020 and August 1, 2020.

Please look at these recall notices carefully and make note of package sizes, UPC numbers, lot codes, sell by or use by dates, and the states where they were sold.

We will keep updating this list of secondary Salmonella onion recalls as they are posted on store sites and at the FDA web site. If you  purchased any of these products, do not eat them. Throw them away or take them back to the store where you purchased them for a refund.

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