June 26, 2022

New Salmonella Weltevreden Outbreak on FDA Core Investigation Table

A new Salmonella Weltevreden outbreak has been posted on the FDA’s Core Outbreak Investigation Table. At least six people have been sickened in this outbreak. According to the table, traceback has been initiated, but officials do not yet know what caused these illnesses, or what food may have caused this outbreak. There is also no information about illness onset dates or the patient age ranges, or if anyone has been hospitalized.

New Salmonella Weltevreden Outbreak on FDA Core Investigation Table

Of the seven outbreaks listed on that table so far this year, four have been reported on by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and three have been solved. The Listeria monocytogenes outbreak linked to Abuelito Hispanic-style fresh and soft cheeses, ended in May 2021. The Salmonella Duisburg and Salmonella Urbana outbreak linked to Jules Cashew Brie is ongoing, and the non-viral hepatitis outbreak associated with Real Water alkaline water is still ongoing.

There have been other several Salmonella outbreaks in recent years. They are:

The current ongoing Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak that is linked to frozen raw breaded stuffed chicken, which has sickened at least 17 people in six states. The outbreak strain of Salmonella was found by the Minnesota Department of Health in two samples of Kirkwood Chicken Cordon Bleu.

A Salmonella outbreak linked to Plainville ground turkey sickened at least 33 people in 14 states. That outbreak ended in May 2021. But not all of the illnesses in this outbreak were linked to the Plainville product.

The Salmonella Newport outbreak linked to Thomson International onions sickened at least 1127 people in 43 states in 2020. Several secondary recalls were issued for products that were made with these onions.

A Salmonella outbreak linked to recalled Wawona peaches in the summer of 2020 sickened at least 101 people in 17 states. Twenty-eight people were hospitalized in that outbreak.

Also in 2020, a Salmonella outbreak linked to Wismettac Asian Foods imported wood ear mushrooms sickened 55 people in 12 states. Illness onset dates ranged from January to October 2020.

Finally, the Stater Bros. ground beef Salmonella outbreak sickened at least 13 people in 8 states in late 2019. Nine people were hospitalized.

Salmonella outbreaks have also been linked to backyard poultry, restaurants, raw chicken and turkey, pig ear dog treats, precut produce, cake mix, and tahini. In other words, just about any food can be contaminated with this pathogen.

Symptoms of a Salmonella infection include a fever, vomiting, nausea, abdominal and stomach cramps and pain, and diarrhea that may be bloody. People usually get sick 6 to 72 hours after eating food contaminated with this pathogen, although it can take up to a week for symptoms to appear. If you have been ill with these symptoms, see your doctor. You could be part of this new Salmonella Weltevreden outbreak.

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