June 17, 2024

Some Outbreaks Ended on FDA CORE Outbreak Table

Some outbreaks ended on FDA CORE Outbreak Investigation Table, and some case counts have increased in some of the still active outbreaks. There are no new outbreaks to announce. As usual, there is very little information about each outbreak until the government identifies some action consumers can take, such as discarding food or avoiding a particular restaurant.

Some Outbreaks Ended on FDA CORE Outbreak Table

For the Salmonella Mississippi outbreak (ref# 1097) in a not yet identified product, the case count has increased from 99 to 100 cases.

For the Salmonella Senftenberg outbreak (ref# 1087) in a not yet identified food, the case count has increased from 22 to 27 cases.

For the mystery Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak (ref# 1095), the case count has increased from 73 to 78 cases.

For the Cyclospora outbreak (ref# 1080) the case count has increased from 75 to 79 cases.

For one of the outbreaks ended on the FDA CORE Outbreak Investigation Table, the Salmonella Braenderup outbreak (ref# 1075), the FDA investigation has closed. A product linked to these illnesses was not identified. At least 75 people were sickened in that outbreak.

The investigation associated with Dry Cereal (ref # 1064) has ended and the FDA investigation has closed with no pathogen or cause of the self-reported illnesses identified. The FDA has conducted extensive testing for many potential microbial and chemical adulterants. Lucky Charms cereal was tentatively identified as the cereal in this case, according to web reports, but there was no official announcement.

There is also no change in the illnesses associated with Daily Harvest French Lentils + Leeks frozen crumbles product or the ongoing investigation.

And in the Wendy’s romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak nothing new has been reported. There are still at least 97 illnesses in six states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and New York, with 43 hospitalized and 10 people with HUS.

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