April 18, 2024

FDA Links Utopia Foods Enoki Mushrooms to Listeria Outbreak

The FDA links Utopia Foods enoki mushrooms to a Listeria monocytogenes outbreak that has sickened at least 2 people in two states. The case count has not been updated since November 17, 2022.

FDA Links Utopia Foods Enoki Mushrooms to Listeria Outbreak

The case count by state is: Michigan (1), Nevada (1). The patient age range is from 30 to 42. Illness onset dates range from October 5, 2022 to October 8, 2022. Both patients were hospitalized because they were so ill. And both patients said they ate enoki mushrooms at home or at restaurants before they got sick.

The FDA has identified imported enoki mushrooms distributed by Utopia Foods of Glendale, New York as a likely source of illnesses in this outbreak. An import sample of enoki mushrooms that carried the Utopia Foods brand name was collected by the FDA and was positive for Listeria monocytogenes. Whole genome sequencing found that the strain of Listeria fond in the sample matches the patient isolate samples.

Last week, as a result of this testing, Utopia Foods voluntarily expanded their original recall to include another enoki mushroom product that was distributed between January 6, 2023 and January 13, 2023 to distributors in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Back in December, in the original recall notice, the company said that distribution of the mushrooms was suspended while the contamination was investigated. However, the Listeria monocytogenes found in their product at that time has not been linked to any illness or this outbreak.

The FDA is investigating to try to find a source of the contamination and whether any other products are contaminated with this pathogen or linked to illnesses.

Restaurants and retailers should not serve or sell these recalled Utopia Foods enoki mushrooms, and consumers should not buy or eat them. You can take them back to the store where you bought them, or throw them away in a secure garbage can.

Symptoms of listeriosis can take up to 70 days to appear. If you ate these mushrooms, monitor your health for that time period. Anyone who is in a high risk group for serious complications from this infection, including the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone with a chronic illness, should be especially vigilant. If you do feel sick, see your doctor.

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