July 23, 2024

Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak Case Count Rises to 196

The cucumber Salmonella outbreak case count has risen to 196 sick in 28 states and the District of Columbia, according to the CDC, but there’s a twist in the investigation. Officials did find Salmonella bacteria in cucumber samples, but it was Salmonella Bareilly, not the Salmonella Africana or possibly Salmonella Braenderup that has sickened patients.

Cucumber Salmonella Outbreak Case Count Rises to 196

The case count by state is: Alabama (1), Arkansas (1), Connecticut (2), Delaware (1), District of Columbia (1), Florida (22), Georgia (16), Illinois (1), Indiana (1), Iowa (3), Kentucky (5), Maine (2), Maryland (3), Massachusetts (5), Michigan (5), Minnesota (5), Missouri (1), New Jersey (5), New York (23), North Carolina (7), Ohio (10), Pennsylvania (29), Rhode Island (4), South Carolina (11), Tennessee (10), Texas (2), Vermont (1), Virginia (18), Washington (1). The patient age range is from less than one to 94 years. Illness onset dates range from March 11, 2024 to May 23, 2024. Of 164 people who gave information to investigators, 68 have been hospitalized, for a hospitalization rate of 41%, almost twice the typical rate for a Salmonella outbreak.

The strain of Salmonella that has made people sick, Salmonella Africana, has not been found in cucumbers yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be found. Cucumbers are still the focus of the investigation because 74% of patients reported eating cucumbers before they got sick, which is significantly higher than the 50% of respondents who reported eating cucumbers in the FoodNet Population Survey for the same time frame.

In addition to the Salmonella Africana outbreak, officials are investigating a Salmonella Braenderup outbreak that they think is associated with cucumbers because the outbreaks have similarities, including where and when illnesses occurred and demographics. There are 185 people sick in that outbreak, but we do not have details about those patients yet.

Fresh Start has recalled bulk cucumbers in relation to this outbreak, and the CDC is advising people not to eat, sell, or serve those recalled cucumbers while the investigation is ongoing.

If you have eaten cucumbers and have been ill with the symptoms of a Salmonella food poisoning infection, see your doctor. You may be pawrt of this cucumber Salmonella outbreak.

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