October 15, 2019

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Pritzker Hageman Files First Lawsuit in Ground Beef E. coli O103 Outbreak

Pritzker Hageman has filed the first lawsuit today in the E. coli O103 outbreak linked to ground beef. The lawsuit, case number 6:19-cv-00106-REW, is against K2D, a company that produces ground beef under the name Colorado Premium Foods. The plaintiff lives in Kentucky, the state hardest hit in the outbreak that was announced in March 2019. There are at least 156 people sick in this outbreak. The case count by state as of April 23, 2019 is: Florida (3), Georgia (33), Illinois (1), Indiana (1), Kentucky (65), Minnesota (1), Mississippi (1), and Ohio (8), Tennessee (41), and Virginia (2). E coli O103 is an adulterant in non-intact beef, including ground beef. It is part of the "Big Six" group of non-O157 E. coli bacteria that the USDA classified as adulterants in 2012. Ground … [Read more...]

K2D Foods Recalls Ground Beef For E. coli O103 Contamination; No “Definitive” Link to Outbreak

K2D Foods, doing business as Colorado Premium Foods of Carrolton, Georgia, is recalling 113,424 pounds of raw ground beef products for possible E. coli O103 contamination. There is an unsolved ongoing E. coli O103 outbreak that is linked to ground beef, but the recall notice states, "Further testing is ongoing to determine if the recalled ground beef products are related to the E. coli O103 outbreak." These items were produced on March 26, March 29, April 2, April 5, April 10, and April 12, 2019. The recalled product is two 24-pound vacuum-packed packages in cardboard boxes containing raw "GROUND BEEF PUCK." The "Use Thru" dates on the product are 4/14/19, 4/17/19, 4/20/19, 4/23/19, 4/28/19, and 4/30/19.  These products have the establishment number "EST. 51308" inside the USDA mark … [Read more...]

Ground Beef E. coli O103 Outbreak: Now 156 Sick in 10 States

The ground beef E. coli O103 outbreak has now sickened at least 156 people in 10 states. according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Twenty people are hospitalized because they are so ill. UPDATE: K2D Foods has recalled more than 100,000 pounds of ground beef for possible E. coli O103 contamination. But the recall notice states that "At this time, there is no definitive link between this positive product and the ongoing E. coli O103 outbreak." That's an increase of 47 more patients since the last update on April 12, 2019. The states that are added to the outbreak are Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, and Mississippi. Food Poisoning Bulletin told you about the increase in cases in Georgia and Kentucky yesterday. But the Georgia outbreak has grown by even more … [Read more...]

Lawyer Asks: Why Are There Ground Beef E. coli Outbreaks?

One April, 2019 morning, amidst the ongoing ground beef E. coli O103 outbreak affecting much of the east-central United States, one of the attorneys on the foodborne illness team at the Pritzker Hageman law firm began her weekly meal preparation ritual. She went to her freezer and grabbed two pounds of frozen ground beef, defrosted it, and put it in a frying pan to brown. She has said her family of four goes through so much ground beef that she regularly fill my freezer with a “quarter of beef” raised by her father and processed by a local butcher shop. Her family "lives on it". In the U.S., a family’s subsistence on ground beef is not uncommon. For 2018, Americans were projected to eat 222.2 pounds of meat and poultry, each. According to the self-proclaimed “best information … [Read more...]

CDC Says Ground Beef E. coli O103 Outbreak; 109 Now Sick

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released information today stating that preliminary information indicates that ground beef is the source of the E. coli O103 outbreak that started in Kentucky in late March 2019. And 109 people are now sick in this ground beef E. coli O103 outbreak; 17 have been hospitalized. In addition, Indiana has been added to the case count, with one person ill in that state. The case count by state is: Indiana (1), Georgia (17), Kentucky (54), Ohio (7), Tennessee (28), and Virginia (2). Illness onset dates range from March 2 to March 26, 2019. The patient age range is less than 1 year to 83, with a median age of 18. No cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which is a type of kidney failure, have been reported yet. Ill persons … [Read more...]

Is Ground Beef the Kentucky E. coli O103 Outbreak Culprit?

The E. coli O103 outbreak in Kentucky is rare because this pathogen doesn't cause many illnesses in the United States. But at least 46 people in Kentucky and more in four other states are sick; and officials don't know what caused this outbreak. They may have narrowed down the possibilities. Is ground beef the Kentucky E. coli O103 outbreak culprit? News outlets have stated that officials are looking at ground beef, as well as chicken and American cheese; however, no officials have confirmed this information. Testing is ongoing, and may take a few days or a few weeks to complete. Contaminated ground beef has been the cause for E. coli outbreaks for many years, including the outbreak last year that was linked to Adams Farm Slaughterhouse, and ground beef produced by PT Farm in New … [Read more...]

History of E. coli Outbreaks Linked to Ground Beef

E. coli outbreaks have a long history in the United States. This pathogen is typically associated with beef; in fact, a 2015 study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the USDA found that beef is the source of most E. coli outbreaks. Of the 952 outbreaks during the 14 year period that was studied, 170 were caused by E. coli; of those, 97 were caused by beef. Most of these outbreaks have been caused by E. coli O157:H7. But others have been linked to O26 or O103. Sometimes, the specific serotype is not named by public health officials. The history of E. coli outbreaks linked to ground beef and ground beef products in the United States include: E. coli O26 outbreak linked to Cargill Meat Solutions ground beef in 2018 sickened at least 18 people in 4 … [Read more...]

JBS Tolleson Ground Beef Salmonella Newport Outbreak Ends With 403 Sick

The JBS Tolleson ground beef Salmonella Newport outbreak has ended, with at least 403 people sick in 30 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One hundred seventeen people were hospitalized because they were so sick; there were no deaths reported. Officials are warning consumers that, even though the official outbreak is over, this recalled ground beef could still be in home freezers. The ground beef was packaged under many different brand names and sold from July 26, 2018 to September 7, 2018. Almost seven million pounds of ground beef was recalled on October 4, 2018, and an additional 5.2 million pounds of beef products were recalled on December 4, 2018. Check your freezer to see if you have any of these products on hand. Recalled products … [Read more...]

Number 2 Outbreak of 2018: JBS Tolleson Ground Beef Salmonella Outbreak

The number two outbreak of 2018 is the JBS Tolleson Ground Beef Salmonella outbreak that is still ongoing. At least 333 people in 28 states are sick. Ninety-one people have been hospitalized. The company recalled 6.9 million pounds of beef products on October 4, 2018, and then recalled an additional 5.2 million pounds on December 4, 2018. The beef has the establishment number "EST. 267" that is usually inside the USDA mark of inspection, but can be found elsewhere on the package. The brand names of some of the recalled products are Kroger, Laura's Lean, and Generic JBS. The recalled items include ground sirloin, ground beef patty, fine ground chubs, Kroger GB loaf, and ground round loaf. The case count by state as of December 12, 2018 is: Arizona (50), California (107), Colorado … [Read more...]

Salmonella Newport Outbreak Linked to Ground Beef Grows to 333 Sick

The Salmonella Newport outbreak that is linked to ground beef from JBS Tolleson has grown to include 333 people sick in 28 states. Ninety-one people have been hospitalized. That's an addition of 87 more patients since the last notice was published in November 2018. Those additional 87 ill people live in 16 states. New states added to the outbreak count are Michigan, Mississippi, and West Virginia. Illness onset dates range from August 5, 2018 to November 9, 2018. The patient age range is from less than one year to 99. The hospitalization rate in this outbreak, which is 33%, is higher than the typical hospitalization rate for a Salmonella outbreak, which is 20%. The states with the most ill persons are Arizona, with 50, California, with 107, and Colorado, with 58. Of the 227 … [Read more...]

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