June 19, 2024

USDA Clarifies Instructions About Inspections at Stuffed Chicken Establishments

The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is updating inspection instructions for establishments that produce raw and heat-treated but not fully cooked, not shelf stable stuffed chicken products. These products have been linked to Salmonella outbreaks that caused the eighth largest food poisoning outbreak of 2015. The stuffed chicken products were made by Aspen Foods and Barber Foods. Personnel are to update the profiles so FSIS can determine which establishments product not ready to eat (NRTE) stuffed chicken products that look ready to eat. FSIS will use this information to schedule a public health risk evaluation to make sure the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans have been reassessed in response to those outbreaks. A food safety assessment may … [Read more...]

One in Oklahoma Sick: Barber Foods Raw Chicken Salmonella Outbreak Grows

The Salmonella outbreak linked to Barber Foods raw, frozen stuffed breaded chicken products has grown to include another patient. This person lives in Oklahoma, which increases the outbreak case count to three states. Now at least seven people are sick with Salmonella Enteritidis linked to these products. The case count by state is: Minnesota (5), Wisconsin (1), and Oklahoma (1). Two of these people have been hospitalized. No deaths are reported. Illness onset dates range from April 5, 2015 to June 23, 2015. A public health alert was issued on July 1, 2015 about a Salmonella outbreak associated with raw, frozen, breaded and pre-browned, stuffed chicken products. Then, Barber Foods recalled 1.7 million pounds of their frozen chicken products on July 12, 2015. The products were … [Read more...]

Advice for Consumers About Recalled Barber Foods Chicken

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released advice to consumers about the Salmonella outbreak linked to Barber Foods frozen raw chicken products and the subsequent recall. At least seven people in Minnesota and Wisconsin are sick in one outbreak after consuming this product. Another outbreak has sickened two people, but that is by a different strain of Salmonella bacteria. Check your freezer to see if you have any of the recalled products. This long list is: Barber Foods Chicken Salmonella Recall List. Those products include products with the brand names Meijer and Sysco too. In addition, Omaha Steaks has recalled some of their products produced by Barber. These products were shipped to retail locations nationwide and in Canada. Some were available for purchase … [Read more...]

Minnesota Hit Hard by Barber Foods Chicken Salmonella Outbreak

Most of the Salmonella cases linked to recalled Barber Foods frozen raw breaded stuffed chicken products have been in Minnesota, even though the products were sold nationwide. At least five people in that state have been sickened by the Barber Foods chicken products; another outbreak with a different Salmonella strain has also been reported in Minnesota. Using the multiplier of 30.3 for Salmonella outbreaks, since these illnesses are so underreported, means that more than 200 people could be sick just in Minnesota. Barber Foods has recalled more than 1.7 million pounds of their products as a result of this outbreak. One of the problems with this product is that the breading on the chicken can fall off. If the breading is contaminated with Salmonella bacteria, which is likely, … [Read more...]

List of Recalled Barber Foods Salmonella Raw Chicken Products

The USDA has released the list of recalled Barber Foods raw chicken products that are linked to a Salmonella outbreak in Minnesota and Wisconsin. At least nine people are sick after eating these products. The long list can be seen here: Barber Foods Chicken Salmonella Recall List. The list includes 45 products sold under the brand names Barber Foods, Sysco, and Meijer. They include Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken Tenders Crunchie, Chicken Tenders Italian, Chicken Kiev, Chicken Fingers, and Cordon Swiss in various sizes. You can see the details about the products on the XLS page, including package sizes, pack dates, codes, and product distribution. Some were distributed nationwide; others only in Georgia and Nebraska. If you purchased these products, do not eat them and do not take them … [Read more...]

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