July 22, 2024

Walmart Sold Farm Rich Frozen Snacks Recalled for E. coli O121

The USDA has released the distribution list of the recalled Farm Rich frozen snacks that have been recalled for E. coli O121. The snacks are associated with an outbreak that has sickened at least 24 people in 15 states. WalMart sold the snacks nationwide in their stores. The recalled foods are heat treated, not fully cooked frozen mini meals and snack items. The Rich Products Corporation has recalled many of the items. You can see the complete list of recalled items at the USDA web site, along with pictures of the product labels. The FDA has also issued a recall for the Frank Rich products they monitor, which do not include meat or poultry. They include Farm Rich Mozzarella Bites in 22 ounce bags and 7 ounce cartons. You can see pictures of those product labels at the FDA web … [Read more...]

Farm Rich Products Recalled For Possible E. coli O121

Rich Products Corporation of New York is recalling about 196,222 pounds of frozen chicken quesadillas and various other heat treated, not fully cooked frozen mini meals and snack items because they may be contaminated with E. coli O121. A multistate outbreak of E. coli O121 may be associated with these products, which were sold at Walmart. The New York State Department of Health Wadsworth Laboratory found the outbreak strain of the bacteria in a Farm Rich frozen chicken mini quesadilla product obtained from a case patient.   These products are recalled: 7.2 ounce cartons of Farm Rich mini pizza slices with cheese pepperoni and sauce in pizza dough with UPC number¬†041322376909 and best by date of May 15 or May 16, 2014. Farm Rich mini pizza slices with cheese pepperoni and sauce … [Read more...]

E. coli from Spinach and Spring Mix Salad sold at Wegmans and Possibly Other Grocery Stores, New York Hit Hardest

What started as an E. coli outbreak in New York linked to Wegmans Spinach and Spring Mix bagged salad has spread to 4 other states, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia, according to a CDC report. ¬†This Wegmans product (recalled on Nov. 2, 2012) was distributed to Wegmans stores in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Outside of New York, all five (100%) of the ill persons interviewed told investigators that they ate several different brands of pre-packaged leafy greens that did not come from Wegmans. Because of this, investigations are ongoing to determine if other contaminated foods are also a source of illness in this outbreak. Consumers may be wondering why the E. coli patients in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and … [Read more...]

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