July 16, 2024

JBS Ground Beef Salmonella Outbreak: Recall Expands, Distribution List Published

The recall and distribution lists related to the JBS ground beef Salmonella outbreak have expanded. Last week we told you about the Salmonella Newport outbreak linked to those products that has sickened at least 57 people in 16 states.

JBS ground beef Salmonella outbreak recall

Now, another 400,000 pounds of ground beef products have been recalled, bringing the total to 6,937,195 pounds. You can see the long list of products, where the ground beef may have been sold, and pictures of products labels at the USDA web site. The product brand names include Kroger Cedar River Farms, Connor Perfect Choice, Gourmet Burger, Grass Run Farms Natural Beef, JBS Generic, and Showcase.

The ground beef products were probably sold nationwide, and more specifically, in the states of Alabama, California, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming. The big chain stores that may have carried these recalled products are Savemart, FoodMaxx, Lucky, Harveys Supermarket, Winn Dixie, and Sprouts in certain states. We say “probably” because there is no guarantee that these stores did sell the recalled ground beef.

The recalled products range from ground beef chubs, beef sirloin trimmings, ground chuck, ground biscuit, ground prime rib steakburgers, and fine and course grind ground beef. These products have the establishment number “EST. 267” inside the USDA mark of inspection. Please check your freezer to see if you purchased any of these recalled products. If you have, throw them away or return them to the store where you purchased them for a refund.

Attorney Fred Pritzker

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Food safety attorney Fred Pritzker, who has represented many clients in Salmonella lawsuits linked to ground beef, said, “No food should ever contain enough pathogenic bacteria to make someone sick. These people got sick through no fault of their own.”

In this JBS ground beef Salmonella outbreak, illness onset dates started on August 5, 2018. The last reported illness occurred ion September 6, 2018. This outbreak will likely grow, but it will take time to identify more of the case-patients. It usually takes a few weeks between when a person feels sick, to when they visit their doctor, are diagnosed, and that illness is reported to officials.

The symptoms of salmonellosis include fever, diarrhea that may be bloody, abdominal cramps and pain, nausea, and muscle aches. Symptoms begin 12 to 72 hours after ingesting this pathogen, and the illness usually lasts a few days. Most people recover without seeing a doctor, so this outbreak could be much larger than stated by the CDC.

If you have eaten any of these ground beef products and have been ill, see your doctor. Long term complications from a Salmonella infection can occur even if you fully recover.

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