July 16, 2024

Food Poisoning Outbreak in McHenry County, IL at D. C. Cobb’s

A food poisoning outbreak in McHenry County, Illinois at D. C. Cobb’s restaurant has sickened at least 13 people, according to the McHenry County Health Department. That restaurant is located at 1204 North Green Street in McHenry.

Food Poisoning Outbreak in McHenry County, IL at D. C. Cobb's

The outbreak was identified when public health officials reviewed complaints of people who got sick after eating at that establishment. An investigation into the pathogen that caused these illnesses, and the possible source of the pathogen has been launched. We do not know the patient age range, or if anyone has been hospitalized.

Those sickened ate at D. C. Cobb’s restaurant in McHenry from August 29 through September 13, 2022. A survey was posted by the health department, asking for information about anyone who ate there during that time frame, but the survey is now closed because officials feel they have enough respondents.

One news outlet is reporting that officials may be focusing on lettuce as a possible source of the illnesses.

We don’t know what pathogen has caused this outbreak, but last week  officials in that same county announced a possible Campylobacter outbreak. Patients got sick from August 17 and August 30, 2022. Those dates do not line up perfectly, but this is still important information.

If you ate at that restaurant in August and have been ill with the symptoms of food poisoning, see your doctor. You may be part of this food poisoning outbreak in McHenry County.

If you live in that area and have questions, you can call the health department and talk to a Communicable Disease Nurse at 815-334-4500.

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