December 3, 2023

Mariscos Bahia Recalls Fish Associated With Salmonella Outbreak

Mariscos Bahia recalls fish that is associated with a Salmonella Litchfield outbreak that has sickened at least 33 people in three states according to the FDA. Thirteen people have been hospitalized in this outbreak because they are so sick.

Mariscos Bahia Recalls Fish Associated With Salmonella Outbreak

The patient case count has not changed since the initial outbreak investigation was announced last week. The illnesses are linked to fresh, raw salmon supplied to restaurants in California and Arizona by Mariscos Bahia, Inc.

The case count is: Arizona (11), California (21), and Illinois (1). The product was sold in Arizona and California, but it may have been sold to restaurants in other states.

The recalled fish, that was shipped beginning on June 14, 2022, includes:

Fresh Salmon Fillet

Fresh Deep Skin Salmon Fillet

Fresh Salmon Portions

Chilean Seabass (Fillet and Portions)

Halibut (Fillet and Portions)

Tuna (Fillet and Loin)

Swordfish (Loin, Fillet, and Wheel)

This fish was sold fresh, not frozen. But remember that freezing does not destroy Salmonella bacteria, so even if the fish was frozen, then thawed and and served or cooked and served, it may still be contaminated with enough bacteria to make you sick.

Restaurants should check with their suppliers and not sell or serve recalled salmon, halibut, Chilean seabass, tuna, or swordfish received from that company on or after June 14, 2022. Wash and sanitize locations where the fish was stored or prepared.

The fish may have been served as sushi, sashimi, or poke. Of 16 people interviewed by public health officials, 12 reported eating those items. Eleven people remembered details about the type of fish they ate, and nine said they ate raw salmon.

An environmental sample taken from the Mariscos Bahia facility tested positive and a preliminary test found that the sample matches the outbreak strain. Although salmon is the likely source of these illnesses, because the environmental test was positive, other fish processed in that facility could also be contaminated.

If you have been sick with the symptoms of Salmonella food poisoning and you ate raw salmon at a restaurant in California or Arizona, see your doctor. You may be part of this outbreak.

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