August 14, 2022

Retailers in TX and LA Should Stop Selling Kazy’s Gourmet Seafood For Listeria

The FDA has advised retailers and restaurants in Texas and Louisiana to stop selling or serving products from Topway Enterprises, doing business as Kazy's Gourmet Seafood Production, because of possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination. The government is most concerned about salmon and tuna produced by the company for raw consumption. These products may be incorporated into sushi. The products in questions were sold July 10 through July 13, 2019. They are sold as fillets wrapped in clear plastic wrap. These product do not have a long shelf life, although they may be frozen. These products should be discarded. Retailers and restaurants should also clean and sanitize the surfaces that these products were served, stored, or prepared on. The FDA conducted an inspection of Topway … [Read more...]

Tapeworm Found in Alaskan Salmon

Anyone who eats raw fish or raw meat is taking a risk of contracting foodborne illness. The hepatitis A outbreak in Hawaii last year is a case in point. That outbreak sickened almost 300 people, and it was linked to the consumption of raw imported scallops. In 2015, undercooked hamburgers were linked to an E. coli outbreak at Worthy Burger in Vermont, sickening at least six people. And in 2013, an E. coli outbreak linked to raw hamburger sickened at least three people in Wisconsin. Now the CDC is warning consumers to avoid eating raw salmon. They found Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense, which is a type of tapeworm, in the muscles of wild pink salmon in Alaska. The study was published in the February edition of Emerging Infectious Diseases. This tapeworm is usually found in … [Read more...]

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