July 23, 2024

Possible Georges Mill Farm Goats E. coli Outbreak in Lovettsville, Virginia

A possible Georges Mill Farm goats E. coli outbreak is being reported by the Loudoun County Health Department in Virginia. Several people who came in contact with goats at that farm between March 6 and April 20, 2022 have experienced symptoms of an E. coli infection. The bacteria was identified by the Virginia Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services. We don’t know the age of the patients or if anyone has been hospitalized.

Possible Georges Mill Farm Goats E. coli Outbreak in Lovettsville, Virginia

The health department is communicating directly with anyone who is known to have had contact with goats at that farm. If you are part of that group but have not been contacted, monitor your health for the symptoms of an E. coli infection and see your healthcare provider if you do get sick. Tell him or her about your possible exposure to those animals. You can report your exposure to the Loudoun County Health Department by completing a short survey.

The staff at the farm is assisting the Health Department, providing names of anyone who may be at risk of illness and helping to prevent future problems. There is no evidence of ongoing risk to visitors at the farm, according to officials.

Petting zoos have been at the center of many E. coli outbreaks in the past. Goats, cows, and sheep are ruminant animals. That means they can harbor pathogenic E. coli in their guts and not show any signs of symptoms of illness.

When a contaminated animal defecates, they deposit E. coli bacteria on their bedding and their coats. The bacteria can even aerosolize and spread through  the air, contaminating the area around the animals, including fences and gates.

If you choose to visit these venues, watch your children carefully. Make sure they don’t put their fingers in their mouths at these attractions, never eat in the animal areas, and wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water as soon as you leave.

Symptoms of an E. coli infection usually starts a few days after infection, but may take as long as 10 days to appear. Typical symptoms include a mild fever, chills, vomiting, painful stomach and abdominal cramps, and bloody or watery diarrhea.

Children under the age of five are most at risk for developing serious complications, such as hemolytic uremic syndrome, from this infection. Symptoms of HUS, which is a type of kidney failure, including little urine output, lethargy, easy bruising, and bleeding from the norse or mouth.

If you or your child has been suffering with these symptoms, and you visited that farm during the dates mentioned, see your doctor. You may be part of this possible Georges Mill Farm goats E. coli outbreak.

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