May 26, 2024

Dave’s Sushi Outbreak Remains Unsolved; Restaurant Reopens

The Dave’s Sushi outbreak in Bozeman, Montana remains unsolved and the restaurant has opened because the Gallatin City-County Health Department has rescinded the closure order. A new health officer order has been issued, with corrective actions required before reopening.

As of May 17, 2023, there are 50 people sick; an increase of nine more cases since the last update a week ago. Two people have died after eating at the restaurant, although those deaths are being investigated and the manner and causes of the deaths are pending until autopsy results are available.

Dave's Sushi Outbreak Remains Unsolved; Restaurant Reopens

Food samples, including salmon and morel mushrooms, which were suspected in this outbreak, have been collected and analyzed. All samples have come back negative for a series of pathogens and toxins.

The Gallatin City-County Health Department, the Montana Department of Pubic Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Food and Drug administration are all investigating this deadly outbreak. They are conducting an epidemiologic study to compare menu items for people who ate at the restaurant at the same time but did not get sick and those who did.

Preliminary analysis indicates that the moral mushrooms were the food item that caused the outbreak. Menu items that did not contain morels were not associated with illness. Dave’s Sushi has removed and discarded all morel mushrooms and other food inventory. All violations uncovered by the inspection conducted on April 18, 2023 have been corrected.

The corrective actions specified for reopening include providing the health department with specific standard operating procedures, including procedures for addressing biological toxins. Other actions include mandatory staff training for all food handlers and management staff; providing the names of any staff members who have supervisory and management authority to the Health Department; successfully passing required inspections; and providing a fresh food inventory.

If you ate at Dave’s Sushi in early April 2023 and have been ill, see your doctor. You may be part of this Bozeman, Montana Dave’s Sushi outbreak.

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