September 18, 2021

Holiday Food Safety Tips From the FDA Keep You Healthy

The FDA is offering holiday food safety tips to keep you and your family healthy this time of year. Keeping the food you make and serve safe is especially important in the time of the pandemic, since you don't want to get food poisoning and need medical attention right now. You will find a holiday food safety video at the link that will show you how to store, prepare, and serve food safely to avoid illness. There are four simple steps to make sure your foods are safe: clean, separate, cook, and chill. First, start with clean hands, cutting boards, and utensils. Clean with warm water and soap and disinfect surfaces. Then, use different cutting boards for different types of food, for instance, raw meat and poultry and fresh produce. Cook foods thoroughly according to food safety … [Read more...]

Planning Holiday Gatherings During the Pandemic? The CDC Has Tips

If you are planning holiday gatherings during the pandemic, the CDC has some timely tips. Right now, the coronavirus is spreading uncontrolled through most of the United States. Scientists were afraid this would happen as people got tired of social distancing and started to spend more time indoors. First of all, celebrating virtually is the safest way to spend the holidays. Only socialize with people in your household - that is, anyone who currently lives and shares common spaces in your home. Anyone who doesn't currently live with ou, including college students who are coming home for the holidays, are considered from other households. Second, if you are having and in-person holiday event, there are some things to this about. If the community levels of COVID-19 in your location, … [Read more...]

Giving Food for Christmas? Get These Meal Kit Food Safety Tips

Meal kits, mail-order food, and home-delivered groceries are very popular gifts this time of year. If you are giving one of these gifts to someone, there are some meal kit food safety tips you need to know from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Perishable foods always need to stay at a safe temperature to prevent bacterial growth that could make someone sick. I have personal experience with this: [Editor's note: I ordered cheese fondue from a company recently and it was not delivered with an ice pack or in an insulated container, but in a regular cardboard box. I threw it away.] Here's what you need to know about meal kit food safety tips. Always ask questions about the company's food safety standards. If you are buying for someone who is in a high risk group … [Read more...]

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