July 16, 2024

Simple Truth Power Greens E. coli Outbreak Ends With 10 Sick

The Simple Truth Power Greens E. coli outbreak, which also included Nature’s Basket Power Greens, has ended with 10 people sick in four states, according to the FDA. Four of those patients were hospitalized and one person developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which is a type of kidney failure.

Simple Truth Power Greens E. coli Outbreak Ends With 10 Sick

The case count by state is: Alaska (2), Ohio (1), Oregon (1), and Washington (6). The last illness onset date was December 19, 2021.

Consumer purchase data indicated that seven people bought Nature’s Basket Power Greens or Simple Truth Organic Power Greens at grocery stores before they got sick. These products are past expiration and should no longer be available for purchase. But if you have frozen any of these products with a “Best if Used by” date through December 20, 2021, they should be discarded. Freezing will not kill E. coli bacteria. Some consumers apparently did use these products to make smoothies.

FDA conducted a traceback investigation for these salad mixes. Farms from both the Yuma, Arizona and Salinas, California growing regions were identified to have supplied product that could have been available to consumers. But no single production code was identified during traceback.

Environmental samples collected near the farms identified in those trackbacks in two regions – Yuma and Salinas – tested positive for Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC). But all of those isolates were different strains and did not match the outbreak strain. The outbreak strain did closely resemble the strain that caused the deadly 2018 outbreak linked to romaine lettuce grown in Yuma, AZ.

Symptoms of an E. coli infection include a fever, possible nausea and vomiting, severe and painful abdominal and stomach cramps, and diarrhea that is often bloody or watery. If you have eaten these products and have been ill with those symptoms, see your doctor. You may be part of this Simple Truth Power Greens E. coli outbreak.

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