July 16, 2024

Victor Dog Food Salmonella Outbreak is Number Nine of 2023

The Victor Dog Food Salmonella outbreak is the number nine outbreak of 2023. At least seven people in seven states, mostly infants, have been sickened in this outbreak. The outbreak investigation has not been updated since November 9, 2023.

Victor Dog Food Salmonella Outbreak is Number Nine of 2023

The case count by state is: Alabama (1), California (1), Florida (1), Hawaii (1), Kentucky (1), Minnesota (1), and Oklahoma (1). Most of the patients (86%) are one year old or younger, and the remaining patient is under the age of 65. Illness onset dates range from January 14, 2023 to August 19, 2023. One patient has been hospitalized.

In interviews, five of the patients’ families said that they had contact with a dog or had a dog in their household. Three of those households fed their pets Victor brand dog food.

Whole genome sequencing showed that bacteria taken from patient samples were closely related genetically. That means that people in this outbreak likely got sick from the same product.

Several recalls have been issued in relation to this outbreak. Mid America Pet Food  Victor Super Premium Dog Food, Hi-Pro Plus was recalled on September 4, 2023. Mid America Pet Food expanded their recall on November 9, 2023 to include Victor Super Premium Dog Foods, Wayne Feeds Dog Food, Eagle Mountain Pet Food, and some Member’s Mark varieties. And Victor Super Premium Dog Food, Select Beef Meal & Brown Rice Formula was recalled on October 30, 2023.

People can get sick from contaminated pet food in several ways. They either touch or handle the food, then eat or put their fingers in their mouths without washing their hands, or they touch the animal itself. They can also touch anything in the animal’s environment that may have come into contact with the dog’s feces, which can contain the pathogen. The Salmonella can also be found in the dog’s saliva or in its fur. Children are especially vulnerable to this type of pathogen transmission because they crawl on the floor or in grass.

If you or a member of your family has been ill with a Salmonella infection and you purchased Victor dog food or any of the recalled products, see your doctor. You or your family member may be part of this outbreak.

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