October 24, 2016

Salmonella Outbreak at Johnny Ray’s in Pelham, AL

A Salmonella outbreak at Johnny Ray's in Pelham, Alabama is being investigated by the Alabama Department of Public Health. As of January 8, 2016, four people who ate at the restaurant at 309 Huntley Parkway have tested positive for Salmonella. Two of those sickened have matching patterns of a rare strain of Salmonella Enteritidis. The restaurant was closed on January 8, 2016 by emergency order after the Bureau of Environmental Services visited the facility on December 15 and 22 in 2015 and January 6 in 2016.¬†Other possible cases are being investigated at this time. Final lab and environmental test results are pending and will be released when received by the state. The State Epidemiologist, Dr. Mary G. McIntyre offered advice to help people reduce their risk of this type of foodborne … [Read more...]

Kids Sickened with Food Poisoning at Montgomery, AL Daycare

More than 30 children have been hospitalized with possible food poisoning at the Sunnyside Child Care Center on Norman Bridge Road in Montgomery, Alabama, according to AlabamaNews.net. The children have been suffering from vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps. Some children must remain at the hospital overnight tonight at Baptist South for monitoring. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tom Miller said lab work is being conducted to determine what caused the illnesses. First impressions is that contaminated food may have been served at the daycare. Other news reports are that more than 60 children have been taken to emergency rooms with food poisoning symptoms. The hospital has opened a unit just for these children, according to the Montgomery Advertiser. Some children were taken to the … [Read more...]

Hepatitis A Outbreak in Clarke County, Alabama

The Alabama Department of Public Health is investigating three cases of hepatitis A in Clarke County, Alabama. Two of the people sickened do have a history of international travel, which increases the risk of contracting this disease. There is no more information about whether this may be a larger outbreak or if any single source is responsible for the spread of the virus. Casual contact does not cause infection. The virus is spread when a person drinks contaminated water or eats contaminated food. Objects can also be contaminated when they are touched by an infected person; another person must touch that object and put their fingers in their mouth. The transmission is "fecal-oral". Signs and symptoms of hepatitis A infection appear 2 weeks to 50 days after exposure. They include … [Read more...]

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