April 18, 2024

Salmonella Saintpaul Outbreak Case Count Increases to 60

The Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak case count on the FDA’s CORE Outbreak Table has increased to 60 sick, up from 59 sick  in the last update that was issued on March 16, 2022. No product has been identified yet in this outbreak. And while traceback has been initiated, no recall has begun, no on-site inspection has started, and there has been no sample collection or analysis.

Salmonella Saintpaul Outbreak Case Count Increases to 60

This lack of information is typical for this outbreak table. The FDA will not release more information about an outbreak unless there is some action that consumers can take to protect themselves.

Three other outbreaks are still active. The investigation into the Cronobacter sakazakii illnesses linked to recalled Similac powdered infant formula is ongoing. Four infants were sickened after allegedly consuming that formula; two babies who lived in Ohio died.

The unidentified Listeria monocytogenes outbreak is still actively being investigated. Sixteen people are sick in that outbreak. As in the Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak, while traceback has ben initiated, there is no recall, no inspections, no sample collection, or product analysis.

Finally, the deadly Listeria Monocytogenes outbreak linked to packaged Dole salads is still under investigation. There are 17 people sick in 13 states, with two deaths. Thirteen people have  been hospitalized. That outbreak investigation has not been updated since February 2, 2022.

The case count in that outbreak remains: Idaho (1), Iowa (2), Maryland (1), Michigan (1), Minnesota (2), Nevada (1), North Carolina (1), Ohio (2), Oregon (1), Pennsylvania (1), Texas (2), Utah (1), and Wisconsin (1). Illness onset dates range from August 16, 2014 to December 30, 2021. The patient age range is from 50 to 94 years. Of 15 people who were interviewed by public health officials, 13 have been hospitalized. Two deaths have been reported: one each from Wisconsin and Michigan.

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