September 21, 2023

What’s With Norovirus in Overland Park?

There are three norovirus outbreaks in Overland Park, Kansas that are being investigated by the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. At least 628 people have been sickened so far in these outbreaks. Norovirus is very common, especially in the winter months. The virus is very contagious and easily transmitted through contact with food and surfaces, and from person-to-person. When people stay indoors more often in the colder weather, it's very easy to pass the virus around and contract it. The first outbreak is among people who visited the New Theatre Restaurant in mid-January 2016. At least 600 people have been sickened in that outbreak. Most of those sickened were at the facility between January 15 and 19, … [Read more...]

Kansas Asking New Theatre Norovirus Patrons to Fill Out Questionnaire

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is investigating a norovirus outbreak among people who attended the New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas and is asking patrons of that facility to fill out an online questionnaire.¬†They would like all people who have attended the theatre since Friday, January 15, 2016 to respond to help determine the cause of illness. They want to collect information from people who were sickened and those who did not become ill. Participation is voluntary, and any information provided is completely confidential. If you have already filled out the survey when it requested information from people who attended the facility later than that date, please fill it out again. If you have been interviewed by telephone, you do not need to fill out the … [Read more...]

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